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Danger Den Water Box Plus Case (Part 3)

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Closer Look:

The fans that we have chosen are made by Papst and are 120mm x 32mm and push 55.9 CFM. Two will be mounted to the radiator to provide the airflow to effect the heat transfer from the cooling fluid to the atmosphere.






The fans mount onto the radiator with a series of short stainless steel screws. The length is critical to keep from hitting the cooling tubes on the radiator. The fans sit two wide and cover the surface of the radiator.



The tubing that that we have chosen to use is manufactured by Tygon and was chosen for its elasticity and ability to bend without kinking. The dimensions of the tubing are 1/2' inside diameter and 3/4" outside diameter.



The clamps and fittings that come with the kit we have chosen are the basics to get the job done without a lot of flash. Included in this kit are the clamps, T-fitting, line plug and some Ceramique thermal paste.



The clamps are plastic and push together to lock. The clamp encircles the tubing to provide a leak proof seal.



One handy tool that was included in the kit was a 60cc syringe for filling the system.

  1. Closer Look (Radiator, Fans, Tubing)
  2. Closer Look (Radiator, Fans, Tubing)
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