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CyberPower Gamer Xtreme XT Review

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Prebuilt computers have usually had two thing not going for them, Price and performance. Performance usually comes in the form of a price tag outside our reach or when in our price range the performance is not there. As enthusiasts we think we can always do a better job of building a superior rig at a better price than the companies that do it day in and day out. Most times I would say that is true. But with the CyberPower Gamer Xtreme Xt system I think the watermark has been set on both the price front as well as the performance front. For $1600 dollars you can have a system that will run today's games and applications much better than a similarly equipped system using not last years technology but technology that was released This year! If you wanted to build this system you would be hard pressed to find the identical components used in this system at a price even $500 higher than the $1600 dollar asking price. This system from CyberPower just crushed our poor testbed system that really is no slouch. I even threw in the Sapphire Atomic HD4870x2 to try and hedge the performance a bit but still came up short in the performance comparisons. Did I say it's water cooled yet? Well yes Johnny it is! While you may not think of a prefilled water cooling system as a performance peice Asetek makes cooling solutions that work and are shipped on OEM PCs such as HPs BlackBird. Even the Test video card on my OCC testbench uses Asetek cooling on the CPU and Video card via the Atomic HD4870x2. If you take a look at the review of that piece you can see the cooling performance delivered with a similar setup. When it came to cooling I loaded the Gamer Xtreme XT up with the latest Prime 95 and hit the switch and walked away. An hour later it still sat at 67 degrees Celsius. About the same as my TRUE with a much louder fan.

What more can I say! I'm impressed with the level of performance delivered by this system. It uses name brand parts to deliver this level of performance not off the wall no name parts to sell the system at a lower price point. Name brand parts such as Asus, Kingston, HIS, Intel, Thermaltake, Asetek, Western Digital, Liteon, and Logitech to name a few. This system is a Prebuilt that delivers great results without breaking the bank. If you are getting ready to slap your hard earned dollars down on the counter for that spankin' new gaming rig you ought to head over to the folks at Cyberpowerpc and see just what they can do for you. You might be surprised. I was!


If you would like a shot at winning this particular system you can head over to our Christmas Contest giveaway to register and put your name in the hat for a chance to win this wonderful system as well as a shot at 59 other prizes. Thats a grand total of 60 prizes up for grabs. Thanks to the folks at Cyberpowerpc for helping us with this contest! Good Luck and hope this one lands in your hands!

In the end what does this all mean besides this PC being a killer deal? It means OCC needs to update their test platforms. We already knew that we just wanted to give you an idea what kind of differences are available with I7. Look for OCC's new platforms to take effect full force in Jan with the 2560X1600 resolution being added into our testing regimen.



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