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Cyber Snipa Stinger Review

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I will be comparing this Cyber Sinpa Stinger gaming mouse to several other extremely popular gaming mice such as the Logitech New G5, Logitech G9, Razer Lachesis, and the Razer DeathAdder. I will be testing each of these mice with the same equipment, games, and tests. There are four tests to be administered to test different aspects of each mouse. I'll be testing speed, comfort, precision, and customizability. Each test is from 1-10; 10 being perfect and 1 being terrible. May the best mouse win!

Test System:




The first test is the speed of the mouse. I'll be seeing which mouse can move completely across the screen with the least amount of mouse movement. The mice with the higher DPI will move less physically but the cursor on the screen will move fast. I am using the Cyber Snipa Stinger at the 3200 DPI setting. The Razer Lachesis has 4000 DPI, so it's clearly the fastest mouse out of the bunch. For my style of gaming, 3200 DPI is too fast, so this test is rather useless because I don't use or need a mouse that has 3200, or more, DPI to play my games well.


The Stinger definitely felt more comfortable. This is in part due to the grooves in the left and right mouse buttons as well as the anti-slip grips on the sides on the mouse. My hand just feels good resting on this mouse. The weird shapes of the Logitech G9 and Razer Lachesis is why they scored a bit lower than the group.


To test precision, I played some of my favorite games online for a few hours on each mouse. Most of the games I played were first person shooters but I also played some World of Warcraft to try the mouse out in that environment. It was so hard to tell the mice apart but the control that I had while using the Stinger was unsurpassed. I couldn't believe it but I think the reason I had better control was due to the anti-slip grips on the side of the mouse; they definitely kept my game up.


This is where the Stinger didn't really blow away the competiton because the "Mouse Properties" program was limited on advanced options for the mouse. The macro manager was easy to use but I definitely felt that the Logitech and Razer software made those mice easier to customize.


So this Cyber Snipa Stinger mouse definitely proved that it is a great gaming mouse that surpasses this set of competitors. The software was very basic so I wouldn't call it a con, but it could have been better or aimed more toward advanced users.

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