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Cubitek ATX-ICE Case Review

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It is hard for me to say this, as I love my mother-in-law (to be), but this case is the “mother-in-law” of cases. There isn’t a darn good thing about it. The most fun I had with it was putting the little wheels on the HDDs and racing them down the hallway. I haven’t HATED a case as much as I hate this one. It was ugly to look at and frustrating to work with. There really isn’t a perfect case out there, but this Cubitek offering was just one problem after another. The HDD cage was innovative, but lacked functionality. The standoffs failing to mount properly was due to poor or lack of proper machining, the difficulty to mount hardware was a simple snub to the customer, and the side panels were just a cruel joke. Cooling was about the only thing the ATX Ice didn’t suck at, but it also wasn’t better than average, except in CPU cooling. This case honestly feels like your typical low-end case built out of aluminum to bring up the price. You are basically paying $300 for something that feels like the Bitfenix Outlaw to work with. This recommendation is simple: don’t waste your time or money for that matter.



  • Aluminum build.
  • Quiet for the most part.



  • Short, fat, and squatty in appearance – not aesthetically pleasing in any sense.
  • Side panels are a two man job and difficult at that.
  • HDD cage is novel, but not practical.
  • SSD caddy failed to mount two SSDs.
  • Poor machining – standoffs don’t thread.
  • Cheap fans and fan filter.
  • Price
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