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Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason Performance Evaluation

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Closer Look:

Throughout the game, there are interludes that give you clues about what happened on the Northwind; these are like dream sequences that give you a direction to follow. Along the way, you find crew members that died horribly. You can either save their souls, or correct their mistakes, by reliving the moments before their death to get you closer to your ultimate goal of reviving the Northwind. When you choose to relive these moments, 1C and Action Frames have used a mental echo to allow you to see what happened to the fallen crewman.













Cryostasis is the first game to use physically simulated water, in addition to the reactive cloth and ice in the environment. The water in the past looked like a white froth that did not react to the environment. 1C and Nvidia use smoothed particle hydrodynamics to allow the water to flow, splash, and pool just like real water does. It is an interesting effect throughout the game - as rooms warm up, the frost literally melts off of the walls. Using the water cannon will allow this effect to be seen at will, rather than randomly through the game. The cloth effect and spark effects appear to be implemented better than in Mirror's Edge, and really bring the scenes to life.





Now I'll leave you with some random images from the game so you can get more of a feel for what the game is like, if the previous pictures have not been enough.









Now let's see what kind of performance the video cards can deliver!



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