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Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason Performance Evaluation

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Closer Look:

The menu for Cryostasis is broken up in to four main sections. The Controls menu is where you set all of the movement keys to your preferences. Video is where the visual quality will be set, and Audio features the sound adjustments, including volume control, the driver type, and whether EAX enhancements are enabled. Last are the game's settings - under the Game tab, the one setting that impacts performance the most, besides resolution, is enabling PhysX effects. To do show, you must use Shader Model 4.0 as well.














Throughout the game, the atmosphere is brutally cold, with frost tendrils on just about everything; the way you survive is by keeping warm. Various heat sources are scattered around the Northwind to help you warm up, ranging from the gentle glow of a light bulb all the way up to a destroyed nuclear reactor. The outer ring shows the temperature of the environment, while the inner circle is your body temperature.




As you wander through the maze of bulkheads and corridors, you will encounter many of the ship's crew that have undergone a terrible transformation into ice zombies, who want nothing less than to extinguish the source of warmth you represent. Surviving these attacks allows you to move forward on your quest to find the answers you were sent to gather on what happened to the Northwind.





What good's an FPS game without weapons? Cryostasis has more than enough to get you through the challenges of solving the riddle of the Northwind. You start out with a lock and chain pulled from a door, all the way up to a water cannon, PPSh-41 submachine gun, and Tokarev SVT-40. Each one has its strengths and each has a purpose. As you wander through the ruins of the ship, you will find weapons to add to your arsenal.





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