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Propane - 2009-06-13 13:15:40 in Cooling
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Reviewed on: June 23, 2009
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If you are an owner of a laptop, as many people are these days, you might have noticed that when you use it, a considerable amount of heat is generated. While it may not bother you very much, that heat is something that all computers generate, and too much of it can cause your computer to become unresponsive or start glitching. Luckily, there are several solutions out there that help laptops dissipate some of that heat by changing how the laptop sits on your desk, as well as adding fans. One of these devices is that NZXT Cryo S notebook cooler. Earlier, I reviewed this cooler's larger brother, which is designed for large laptops, but the Cryo S is designed with 15" laptops in mind.


Closer Look:

The packaging that the NZXT Cryo S notebook cooler came in is a pretty standard looking cardboard box that opens in a clamshell fashion. It also has a small handle on the top so that you can carry the box out of the store if you don't buy it online. On the back of the box is another image of the actual product, as well as a listing of its features in several different languages.












Opening the box reveals the actual cooler on top, covered in red plastic to keep the cooler from getting scratched during shipping. Under the cooler is a small pamphlet with instructions on how to set up and use the cooler, and several cables. The cables that are included are a wall wart to allow the cooler's fans to be powered from the AC inside your home, a USB to power cord so the fans can be run off your laptop's USB powernbus, and a USB to USB cable so the cooler can double as a hub.



Closer Look:

The cooler itself is made out of aluminum, and has two large fans underneath a mesh material that blow air directly towards the underside of the laptop. The top has a very sturdy feel to it, and has a rubber material along the sides and along the bottom, where you would rest your hands. The overall feel and look of this, especially from the top, are excellent.














On the back of the Cryo S, there are three USB ports and a DC power port. The three USB ports are for the USB hub portion of the cooler, while the DC power input is to power the fans. Again, the fans can either be powered from your laptop via USB, or from the AC in your home. Finally, there is a control dial on the very far edge that allows you to adjust the fan speed from 700 to 1300 RPM. The Cryo S is slightly angled to help reduce the effects of an incorrect angle of attack on the keyboard, helping you to avoid the effects of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.





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To test the NZXT Cryo S notebook cooler, I simply set it on my desk and then placed my laptop on top of it. There are no good experiments that don't have controls, so for this testing, I am using the laptop sitting on the desk as the control. I then let the laptop sit idle while running a temperature monitor to find the temperature of both my CPU and GPU cores. This was repeated on both the cooler and on the desk. To get load temperatures, I chose to run World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King, which stresses my laptop quite a bit on both the CPU and GPU, resulting in more thermal energy. Again, this was repeated on the cooler and the desk.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Coolers:


The results below show that the NZXT Cryo S is a very good cooler. While it isn't the best, it still puts out very respectable temperatures that any MacBook Pro owner would be happy with.



Lower numbers are better, and, as seen above, the Cryo S does a fairly good job at cooling the laptop.


The NZXT Cryo S notebook cooler is a very well made laptop cooler that does its primary function well, while also providing several secondary benefits - such as the USB hub on the back, and the added benefit of having a keyboard that is tilted as to improve ergonomics. While the cooler didn't pack as large of a punch as its bigger brother, the Cryo LX, it is also quite a bit smaller, and perfectly fits my 15" MacBook Pro. This isn't really a cooler that you would take on a trip with you as it is rather large and bulky, but this is a problem that most people won't be affected by. As seen below, I have given the Cryo S our gold medal, which is one away from our highest award. This is due to the fact that on some laptops, especially Macs, the power provided by the USB ports cannot match the power drawn by the fans, meaning that the only option is to plug the cooler directly into the wall. Other than that one issue, this is an excellent cooler that will have a place on my desk for a while.