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Crucial Ballistix 2x 512MB PC3200 (DDR400) Memory Review


The system that I will be testing the memory on, is configured as follows:

XFX GeForce 4 Ti 4200 (AGP8x)
Chaintech ZNF3-150 (nForce 3) Motherboard (review)
AMD Athlon64 3000+
2x Seagate 40G 7200RPM IDE Hard Drives
2x Maxtor 160G 7200 RPM SATA Hard Drives
Creative PC-DVD ROM 8x DVD Drive
Plextor PlexWriter 24/10/40A CD-RW
Microsoft Windows XP Professional Service Pack 1a (services guide)

*Note: Just wanted to make another note here. Our contact has told us that the memory timings should be 2-3-2-6. We are testing/reporting it as 2-2-2-8, since that is what two different sets of memory have shown up as on various systems.

Historically, I've not been able to get this system overclocked past a 212Mhz HTT (200Mhz stock). Now that I've been able to confirm this with the Crucial and Mushkin memory, all signs are pointing toward the motherboard + CPU combination as the problem. I'll be getting a new motherboard here soon to replace this Chaintech ZNF3-150 as my review board. Another problem with the board, is despite changing the memory timings in the BIOS, when the system boots the POST screen and diagnostic software in Windows XP still report the memory as running at it's default timings. As a result of this, all tests were done with the memory at stock timings (Crucial = 2-2-2-8 | Mushkin = 2-3-2-6).

Crucial Ballistix                 Mushkin Level One

Since not everyone will be running 1G, I decided I'd perform the test in two sets. The first set would be 512M test, and the second set would be 1G test. Again, all tests will have the memory running at default timings, and the overclocked results will be at a stellar HTT speed of 212Mhz. - For the slower ones out there, that'll mean the memory is running at 424Mhz.

  1. Introduction & Specfications
  2. Closer Look
  3. Testing
  4. 512 MB Test
  5. Conclusion
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