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Crucial Ballistix 2x 512MB PC3200 (DDR400) Memory Review


Closer Look
Even though Crucial sent us 2x 512MB of the Balistix memory, it is not sold in matched pairs. This shouldn't be a problem for those of you wanting to run Dual Channel memory. It is very possible to run dual channel with out matched pairs.

Each memory module arrived in it's own package, and included a multilingual user guide. I found this humerous, but also very detailed. Yes, it described how to install the memory. You'd almost expect someone that's buying high-performance DDR from Crucial to know how to install memory. ;) The user guide is also available on line at the Ballistix™ website.


The memory is very sharp looking with the black PCB and orange/gold aluminum heat spreader. I guess OCC isn't the only ones who like that color.

As I mentioned earlier, we'll be putting the Ballistix� memory up against the big name, Mushkin. Before we get to testing, let's introduce and take a look at the competitor.


The Mushkin memory we'll be using should compete extremely well with the Crucial. Both lines are PC3200 and have a CL2 memory timings (Crucial = 2-2-2-8 | Mushkin = 2-3-2-6).

While the Crucial memory comes with orange/gold heat spreaders, the Mushkin memory can come with a variety of colors. It's just random luck what you get, and luckily, the memory I ordered from Mushkin came with black heat spreaders. While it's nice, I actually prefer the Corsair heat spreaders better... like I said, OCC colors.

  1. Introduction & Specfications
  2. Closer Look
  3. Testing
  4. 512 MB Test
  5. Conclusion
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