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Asus Crosshair III Formula Review

ajmatson    -   July 5, 2009
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Closer Look:

Now that the drivers and utilities are installed I want to show you some of the utilities that are included that will help you get the most out of your Crosshair III Formula motherboard. The first things I want to show you are designed to help you squeeze every bit of juice out of your system and help you obtain those blazing fast speeds. These programs allow you to overclock your system all at once, with pre-determined settings stored in the BIOS, or individually as you need them. The first one is called ASUS AI Suite. The AI Suite allows you to set overclocking profiles and allows you to switch between them on the fly. This also includes a utility called Q-Fan, which allows you to alter fan speeds.The next one is called TurboV, which is a really nice overclocking tool that allows you to change voltages, speeds, and multipliers all from within Windows for quick overclocking without having to reboot. The last one uses settings that are preset into the BIOS to overclock your system automatically to certain speeds depending on the processor you are using.









Another great set of utilities keeps your motherboard up to date and assists with energy saving and keeping the environment green. The ASUS Update utility allows you to search the ASUS databases for updated BIOS images and updates it via Windows so you do not need to reboot from a floppy or thumb drive. The EPU, or Energy Processing Utility, is user setable to reduce power consumption when the computer is not being used to its fullest. This is also workable in conjunction with AMD Cool & Quiet which downclocks the CPU to conserve energy waste.




A nice utility for monitoring your system is called ASUS PC Probe. PC Probe lets you monitor everything about your system, from voltages and fan speeds to temperatures and more. You can even set warning thresholds if your temperatures get too high or for your fans if they fail.



Lastly, we have the Creative X-Fi Audio Suite. The Creative X-Fi Audio Suite gives you total control over your sound from the SupremeFX sound card. You can set 3D settings, adjust the equalizer, change volumes, and more. This is a fully licensed version with the serial number included on the driver CD sleeve.





Now that we have everything installed and configured, we can move on and check out the BIOS.

  1. Introduction & Closer Look:
  2. Closer Look: The Motherboard
  3. Closer Look: Accessories
  4. Closer Look: Drivers & Programs
  5. Closer Look: Drivers & Programs Continued
  6. Closer Look: The BIOS
  7. Closer Look: The BIOS Continued
  8. Specifications & Features
  9. Testing: Setup & Overclocking
  10. Testing: Apophysis, WinRAR
  11. Testing: SPECviewPerf 10, PCMark Vantage
  12. Testing: Sandra 2009 Professional
  13. Testing: ScienceMark, CineBench 10, HD Tune
  14. Testing: Far Cry 2
  15. Testing: Crysis Warhead
  16. Testing: BioShock
  17. Testing: Call of Duty: World at War
  18. Testing: Dead Space
  19. Testing: Fallout 3
  20. Testing: Left 4 Dead
  21. Testing: 3DMark06 Professional
  22. Testing: 3DMark Vantage Professional
  23. Conclusion
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