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Asus Crosshair III Formula Review

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Closer Look:

When you pop the driver CD into the drive, the ASUS installer comes up with several options for you to choose from, making installation a breeze. On the main screen, there are several tabs along the top to help you navigate the installer. The first tab is the Drivers tab, where you install the drivers needed to run the board, such as the chipset and LAN drivers. The second tab is the Utilities tab, where you can install additional programs to get the most out of your board, such as the AMD Overdrive utility, ASUS Update, and ASUS AI Suite. For the drivers, you can install all of them with one click using the "InstALL" button. The computer will reboot when needed and restart the next installation automatically. For the Utilities, you will need to install them manually one by one.









The next two tabs are the Make Disk tab and the Manual tab. The Make Disk tab allows you to create RAID driver disks for both Windows XP and Windows Vista in the 32-bit and 64-bit variants. The Manual tab gives you quick access to the Motherboard Installation Guide and the RaidXpert User Manual.



The last two tabs are the Video tab and the Contact tab. The Video tab links to two videos called "The Battle" and "Extreme OC Clip". "The Battle" is a short film showing two gamers going head-to-head, however, the gamer playing with a ROG motherboard instantly overclocks his system using the AI Suite and takes over his oponent with the faster rig. "The Extreme OC Clip" is a short film on extreme overclocking on a ROG motherboard using Liquid Nitrogen (LN2). The Contact tab lists the contact information, if you need support for your ROG product.




In addition to the tabs, there are four icons on the screen that allow you to do additional tasks. The MB shows you the Motherboard Information, the CD icon allows you to browse the CD, and the last two allow you to print a support request and view the file list for the CD.




Now that we have the utilities installed, let's take a look at a few of them.

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