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Corsair Vengeance M90 and K90 Review

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In conclusion, the K90 was a fun keyboard. The added length for the macro keys was a bit annoying after a while and resulted in me returning to another keyboard. They keys showed no wear in the time I did use it, which speaks positively compared to some other keyboards out there today. Not being a big fan of macro settings other than to spam ASCII art or annoy friends I don't tend to use them; having them wasn’t a major plus for me, but was a bit of fun. It’s always fun to be a little annoying when you're goofing off with friends (or enemies).

For the price, I think I honestly would have bought it without having tried it before. Having used it, I’d say I probably wouldn’t have bought it. It’s one of those situations where you love it because you paid for it, or would rather have something else because you didn’t pay for it. The fact that it is a mechanical keyboard with brilliant lighting sets it apart from the normal mechanical keyboard crowd (which, by comparison, is usually dull and unlit). I truly like the keyboard but without taking full advantage of it all the time I feel it is wasted. The extra length is annoying and leaves me less room on my desk. I’d rather have the space back and lose the 18 macro keys. However, for some of you this is one hell of a keyboard. Any of you that play MMOs, this is for you. You gotta get your hands on this. It’s a mixed feeling, like the mouse – it depends on what you play – but either way Corsair, has set up the 60 series for us “normal” game players, and the 90 series for you MMO multi-key-needing types. The Vengeance series is a win!



  • Blue lighting!
  • Media drum roller volume
  • Sturdy build
  • Serious macro keys for serious players!



  • Added length to the keyboard (can’t really complain though)
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  2. Closer Look - M90
  3. Closer Look - K90
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  7. K90 Testing & Results
  8. M90 Conclusion
  9. K90 Conclusion
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