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Corsair TX750W Review

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The Corsair TX750W performed well in the testing. The rails were solid and really did not fluctuate more than .02 volts on the 12v, 3.3v, and 5.0v lines. Usually you see some fluctuation. The fan used to cool the TX750W does what it is supposed to do, keep the power supply components cool, and do it silently. Even when under load, I never heard it get loud. With a rating of 48.5dBA at 2800 RPM, I thought I would at least hear it when put under load. That's a good thing considering some of the power supplies I have can be heard in the next room. The temperature of the air coming out of the TX750W peaked at 35.1 Celsius under load testing with an ambient temperature of 22 Celsius. Not too large of an increase for the amount of airflow measured. The cables easily reached across my CM Stacker case, with length to spare. Speaking of the cables, the sleeving only went as far as an inch before the outer wall of the power supply, but that shouldn't really create any issues since there is at least a grommet in the opening. The sleeving was tight and did not have the slip in the heatsink to allow the sleeving to come out from under it. Being a non modular design, there are no breaks in the wiring from the power supply to the end of the cables. Some people feel this is a better design, but I have not seen any voltage droop through a connection to cause a concern with the modular designs. What that leaves the end user with is plenty of cabling to hide in the chassis. It really comes down to preference instead of performance. The basic matte black finish is an indicator that the TX750W is all business and does not need the flash to perform. The finish was durable and did not chip or flake while bouncing around in my case, so it should hold up well. If you need a power supply that is able to handle a load and not break a sweat, the Corsair TX750W appears to be up to the challenge.


In the near future, OverclockersClub will be changing the format of its power supply reviews to supply the end user with a more thorough analysis of the power supply, including load testing up to the rated capacity to check for the rated output, as well as the voltage measurements and electronic noise. Stay tuned for our new testing methodology.



  • Basic black
  • 140mm cooling fan
  • Long cables
  • Quiet
  • Stable rails under load
  • Non modular design



  • Non modular design

  1. Introduction & Closer look
  2. Closer Look (The Power Supply)
  3. Specifications & Features
  4. Testing
  5. Conclusion:
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