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Corsair TwinX 1024-3200XL Pro Memory Review


Now for the fun part! As I mentioned earlier Corsair is using Samsung�s newest IC�s rated at PC4000 (DDR500) speeds. Now this doesn�t necessarily mean we will hit PC4000 speeds, but it does give us a lot better chance than any other PC3200 memory on the market. We will be looking at two different sets of test here, one is the highest stable speed I was able to attain using the stock settings of CAS2 2-2-5, and the fastest overclocked speed at the lowest latencies possible.

SiSoft Sandra 213FSB
Int: 5231
Float: 5202

At stock latencies and 2.8 volts I was able to get 13 more MHZ over the stock speeds pretty impressive considering the ultra low latencies.

SiSoft Sandra 250FSB
Int: 6094
Float: 5994

I could not believe memory rated at PC3200 was capable of pulling speeds of PC4000 with out insane voltages. What was more impressive was the latencies I was able to achieve at these speeds. Check the thumbnail below for more information.

That�s right CAS 2.5 3-3-6 at 250fsb 2.8 volts, never before have I seen such low latencies at these speeds. I would have liked to have gone higher, but after moving my Intel rig over to a smaller case and reseating the heatsink, my temps shot up by almost 8C. I have ran this 3.0C faster than 3.75 GHz before, but my temps simply didn�t allow me to go any higher. I feel there is plenty more headroom in these modules than what I attainted here today. I'll be sure to update the review when my water cooling block arrives for the P4.

I only had one problem with the memory and that is with the Plug-n-Frag. On my IC-7 MAX3 all the latencies were correct with the exception of the CAS latency which was 2.5, but on both my NF2, and NF3 250GB board the Plug-n-Frag worked just fine. The overclocking of this memory is just amazing, sure BH-5 can reach some really low latencies at high speeds but you need 3.2+ volts to attain those speeds. The Corsair is a lot more attractive to the average overclocker, as only the hardcore push there memory that hard..

After my testing I don�t think BH-5 is going to be as popular as it has been in the past. I�ve really got to hand it to Corsair, I haven�t been this impressed with a stick of memory in a very long time. Once again Corsair shows why they are the leader in the memory market. If you have been looking for some really good PC3200 or hell even PC4000 look no further Corsair has you covered.


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