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Corsair TWINX1024-3200LLPro RAM Review


Results were pretty good but not the greatest I've seen from PC-3200 memory. Trying to boot with ultra low latency's cas2 2-2-6 was greeted with a reboot right after the post screen. The memory ran great at stock voltage and latency's up to 215fsb, after 215 a slight bump in vdimm was needed for system to become stable with stock latency's. 217 fsb or DDR434 was all I could get out of the memory, no amount of voltage or raising of the latency's would get this memory past 217 FSB. I was impressed at how far the memory overclocked with stock voltages and latency's. Here are some overclocked memory scores:

Note: The Athlon 3200+ shown in the graph is an Athlon 2500+ Barton overclocked to 3200+

We can see that both systems gained a significant increase in memory bandwidth. The NF3 platform is really showing its muscle in the scores above.

Jason's Thoughts
The first set of memory we received was defective. I could not get the memory to pass Memtest 86, or Prime95 on both a Asus A7n8X DLX and Abit nf7-S at any speeds. A lot of companies will "hand pick" hardware for review sites to be sure they give us a flawless or better than advertised product. It seems though Corsair does not do this, and I am very glad they do not. This allows us to provide our readers with the most accurate review as possible by using the same exact product as a consumer would buy from a company. Since we received a bad stick of memory we had the opportunity to test out Corsairs RMA department. I am happy to say that they sent me a new package of memory, overnight. Other than that little quirk I was really impressed with TWINX1024-3200LLPRO memory. The lower latency's are great for AMD based systems where high FSB overclocks are not common. If you own a Intel system based on the 865/875 chipsets, and are looking for the highest possible FSB where low latency is not concern then you might want to look at Corsairs Twin-X 1024 4000PRO or 4400PRO. The lights were a nice touch but added no real functionality other than good looks. If your looking for dual channel matched memory pairs you cant go wrong with any of the XMS series of memory.

Matt's Thoughts
The Corsair TWINX1024-3200LLPro may not be a top choice for overclockers but it does show off some impressive benchmarks, especially on the Athlon 64 test system. This memory can be found on pricewatch for about $290 bucks, which is not all that bad considering it is 1GB of memory. The superior quality of the memory and the company that stands behind it, is what makes this memory worth every penny. The bulky size of this memory may be a turn off to some, but I would recommend this memory to anyone seeking performance, quality, and who might want to do some mild overclocking. I really like the LED activity lights but if you have no window, they have no purpose. Instead I would recommend the Corsair TWINX1024-3200LL which is $40 bucks cheaper and is basically the same memory but without the LED's.


  • Low Latencys
  • Excellent Quality
  • LED Lights
  • Large Heatspreaders


  • Bulky Size
  • Only Mild Overclocking Ability

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