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Corsair Force GT SATA 6Gb/s 120GB Review

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Having tested this drive, it is without doubt that an SSD can potentially give your computer a viable performance boost. In case you are still skeptical, let me put it this way – the upgrade in speed that you get from installing an SSD, like the Corsair Force GT, is like the 100 horsepower boost you'd get from adding a 100 shot nitrous system into your car! Don't believe me? Just take a look at the large performance difference between the Force GT and the Seagate Barracuda in each of our benchmarks. The Force GT even presents a performance boost over previous generation solid state drives. This should be expected, of course, due to the move to the SATA III 6Gb/s interface. When comparing the Force GT to two other drives that share the Sandforce 2281 controller, however, we can see that they are all comparable in performance to one another. How does the Force GT perform compared to other Corsair drives, you ask? Corsair claims that the Force GT is the fastest drive that they have created. Equipped with the Sandforce 2281 controller and Micron 25nm synchronous NAND flash modules that promise 85,000 IOPS and 555Mb/s read speeds, I definitely believe them. In comparison to asynchronous modules, these synchronous NAND modules will not only allow more efficient data transfers, but greater lifespan. On top of its blazing fast Sandforce engine, this SSD also comes with a sweet leather interior in the form of the “Cool and Quiet” operation and TRIM support. Together, they allow lower power consumption while maintaining fast write times, provided that your operating system supports TRIM.

When someone asks me about upgrading their computer for the most noticeable performance gain, I commonly tell them to install an SSD. The reason is that both your start-up and shut-down times will drastically decrease. Likewise, you will experience shorter transfer times and faster loading on any program installed on the drive. These are only some of the perks that you'll quickly gain by using an SSD, such as the Corsair Force GT. Having said that, the reduced power consumption in SSDs make them ideal for use in laptops and netbooks. This upgrade does, however, come at a cost.

On Newegg, the 120GB version of the Corsair Force GT that we used is priced at $255. The 60GB drive is $100 cheaper, but it comes at the cost of having only half the capacity. The 240GB model has the greatest capability, though currently unavailable on Newegg or other retailers, as far as I know. However, expect this larger model to have an even greater price premium. While it is a large amount of cash to drop on a hard drive, you are definitely getting your money’s worth with this Corsair product. Each model of the Force GT series comes with a nice three year warranty, which the drive should hopefully outlast. So while the Corsair Force GT does not come equipped with a 12-cylinder engine and a turbo charger, it is still one of the fastest SSDs currently available on the market!



  • Read/Write Performance
  • SATA III 6GB/s Interface
  • Sandforce 2281 Controller
  • Backward Compatibility with SATA 3GB/s Interface
  • 3-Year Warranty
  • Synchronous NAND Modules



  • None


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