CoolJag Mini LED Flash Review

gotdamojo06 - 2008-02-12 04:09:34 in Cooling, Modding
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Reviewed on: March 12, 2008
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If you are anything like me, you are probably looking for some cool looking products that will make your case stand out from the rest, as well as making it as personal as possible. Have you ever tried to put your name on the side of your case? CoolJag is a company that has thought of this and has released a new line of fans that allows you to put your own personal messages on the fans. The CoolJag Mini LED Flash fans, which come in 120mm, 90mm and 80mm sizes, allow you to do just this. I wonder if these fans are going to just look cool, or if they are actually going to be able to cool the system well?


Closer Look:

The CoolJag Mini LED Flash fans come in a molded plastic packaging, that proudly displays the fan from the front of the package, as well as letting you know a bunch of the different features that CoolJag believes are the most important product features for the consumer to know about. The back of the package is where you are able to find the rest of the information that you wish to know about the fans. There is a nice little specification chart that they put on the bottom of the package.  






When you open up the package, you will find the fan and all of the necessary cables that come with the product. These cables include a 3-pin power to a 4-pin Molex adapter, as well as a USB cable to a 5-pin adapter. There are also a package of screws, an installation CD and an installation manual that come packaged with the fan.  



You are probably wondering how these fans work and how easy it is to use the software to transfer the message to the fan. Well let's continue on to the next page and we will take a look at the installation and configuration of the fans.  



To start off, I am going to install the software that  allows you to create and then transfer the message you desire to your new fans. The CD is inside of the package and is quite small, so do not forget to look for it or lose it.  

When you first put the installation CD in your drive, the CD folder will pop up and there are three files inside of the folder. Just run the setup.exe file and you will be able to begin the installation. Most of the steps in installing the software involve clicking 'next' or accepting the option presented.







The next screen is the End User Licensing Agreement and all you need to do here is click 'yes'. This is followed by a screen asking you where you wish to have the application installed.  



You are then asked which folder in the start menu you wish for the software to be installed, followed by a screen letting you know that the settings you chose are going to be installed that way. If you wish to change something, you can go back or you can continue.  



When the installation has completed, a folder will pop up with the application and uninstaller. The screen under that folder is just letting you know that you have completed the installation process.  





Now that you have the software installed, it is time to take a look at how you are able to create the messages using this piece of software.  

When you open up the software to begin with, you will see only a single screen for the software. It is a very simple and self explanatory setup/layout. You can type up to four different messages and select the pattern that you wish to be displayed on the fan. You are also able to adjust the speed at which the message is displayed. The bottom right-hand corner is where all the "legal" characters are located. You can use it as an on-screen keyboard, or you can use your keyboard to type in the message. On the lower left-hand corner, is a box where you can preview your message.  






I went ahead and typed in "OVERCLOCKERSCLUB," chose all of the patterns and put it on the "High" speed setting.  



Once I transfered the message to the fan, which is done by pressing the burn button in the program, I hooked the fans up to power supply to see how the message looked. I'll let you be the judge of how they look.  



I thought the messages looked really good. I wonder how the fans are actually going to perform? Are they going to be any good at cooling a system?  





After I had the software installed and the messages transfered to the fan, I found myself amazed at how clean the message looked and wondered if the fan was going to be able to keep the system as cool as the stock fans that came with the case. Let's get down to it, to see if this is going to happen. I will be using SpeedFan v4.33 to gather the the necessary temperatures. All of the temperatures are taken in degrees Celsius.  

Testing Setup:





The CoolJag Mini LED Flash fans are a great concept and look great with your custom message. The fans are made with a sturdy clear plastic, which makes them nearly invisible inside of your case - all you are able to see is the message with the brilliant blue border. The downfall of these fans, is the fact that they are unable to cool the system components as well as the stock fans that came with the ThermalTake Armor Extreme Edition. This is only a downfall if you are very concerned with the temperatures inside of your case, which most of us overclockers are. These fans are perfect for the average Joe, who just wants to personalize his PC that he's just purchased. I also would like to mention that the internally mounted temperature probe on the fans is unable to display the correct temperature. Like I mentioned before, I love the look of the fans and how bright the LED message is and how it looks in the dark, but I cannot bring myself to say that I would take the temperature difference for a cosmetic look.