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CoolJag Falcon 92-Cu Heatsink Review

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The CoolJag Falcon 92-Cu Heatsink is a great looking piece of hardware. From the design, it seems like it would be able to cool the processor of any type very well, which it was able to do. I was very surprised to see the Falcon 92-Cu come out ahead of the Ultra 120 Extreme by a few degrees in both the stock and overclocked testing, despite the latter having a larger fan. The Falcon 92-Cu was not as efficient at cooling the processor during the Idle testing, however it came back and cooled the chip when it was needed the most; during full load. I really like how this heatsink is very versatile by having the ability to be used on different socket types and has all the included hardware needed to do this. The Falcon 92-Cu is a great heatsink, which not only does a great job cooling the processor, but also looks very cool, with a bright green glow.  



  • Price
  • Performance
  • Sleek Looks
  • Green (not blue!) LED
  • Versatility between CPU socket types



  • Fins on the heatsink are flimsy
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