CoolIT Systems USB Beverage Chiller Review

Desja - 2007-11-09 22:36:49 in Gadgets
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Reviewed by: Desja   
Reviewed on: December 4, 2007
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Ever have a day when it was just too hot to be outside doing something productive? Or perhaps you are stuck inside your office building in front of your PC, looking at everyone outside enjoying themselves on a nice hot day. While cursing them, you are stuck inside with the A/C on the fritz, drinking your warm coke - or for those of us that are self employed and our office is at home - beer.

Is there anything out there that can save you from this, let's just say “body temperature” warm beverage? CoolIT Systems USB Beverage Chiller says it can. Let’s see if it lives up to its name. Will my beverage actually stay “chilled?”



Closer Look:

When I received the CoolIT Systems USB Beverage Chiller, all of the contents could be seen clearly on the outside. The front talks about the compact size of the beverage chiller and lists its ability to chill to 45 degrees F. The packaging also states that the beverage chiller does not use chemicals or Freon to cool. I was happy to see this knowing my past history with the dropping of mice, keyboards, and almost everything else on my desk. These objects did not pose a threat to my health by dropping them; whereas dropping something containing chemicals doesn’t sound too good for my health. The back of the package lists the installation procedure.





When I took the CoolIT Beverage Chiller out of its packaging and held it next to my Logitech G5, the chiller was only slightly larger, meaning it is compact enough to throw into your laptop bag.




This almost goes without saying, you plug the CoolIT Systems USB Beverage Chiller into an open USB port that's about it.














For testing, the room temp will be 75 degrees F, the drinks will start off at 40 degrees F, five degrees cooler than the Beverage Chiller says it can hold a temperature. I will be testing the temperature at one and two hour intervals. One drink will be sitting on my desk, the other will be chilled by the CoolIT Systems USB Beverage Chiller. The beverage of choice will be tonic water because I could not bring myself to waste a perfectly good beer.





The numbers indicate temperature in Fahrenheit. The lower the number, the better its score.



Now we will see if the temp holds out for the second hour.



So we can see by this that the CoolIT Beverage Chiller lives up to its name. The temp stayed cooler than leaving your pop on the desk. The chiller said it could keep a temperature of 45 degrees, and while it didn't exactly, it did keep the beverage chilled.


So we can see by this that the CoolIT Beverage Chiller lives up to its name. The temp stayed chilled for a full two hours whereas the other drink got warm at a much faster rate. The problem with 45 degrees for carbonated beverages is that you start losing carbonation at 40 degrees, and by 45F you have lost 90% of total beverage carbonation. 45F may not be the best temperature for carbonated beverages.

What are my thoughts? Well the beverage chiller did just that, it “chilled” my beverage. If I had known the last thing I used my thermometer for, I very well could have enjoyed a chilled gin and tonic, but I am not going to take that chance. What I do know for sure is that if I had a beer, this thing would keep it chilled. As any PC gamer knows, beer is like steroids for gaming right around the one to two beer mark; you are playing like Fatal1ty. Once you hit the three to four mark, you're playing like you lost your Adam’s apple and your pecs aren’t as rock solid as they once were.

All of this aside, I wont be leaving anything carbonated out for two hours to go flat, but this product is useful and did work as it was designed to. I recommend this product to anyone interested in keeping their beverage of choice cooler than the alternative, the desktop. It worked just well enough but could not keep the drink temperature at the rated 45 degrees fahrenheit.