Coolit Pure Review

Nerm - 2007-06-17 14:00:42 in CPU Cooling
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Reviewed on: May 2, 2008
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In today’s tech world, high-end cooling is becoming more prevalent - and necessary - with the rising popularity of dual- and quad-core processors that pump out incredible amounts of heat. However, many enthusiasts are hesitant to try things like liquid cooling, due to an increased risk of component damage and time-consuming maintenance. CoolIT has long been in the business of helping enthusiasts make the transition from air to liquid cooling easier. I have the pleasure of reviewing their new PURE cooler, an all-in-one CPU cooling solution that blends elements of air and liquid cooling - which CoolIT claims is not only easy to install, but carries a low risk/high performance ratio. Let’s find out if the PURE is as good as advertised.

Closer Look:

The PURE cooler comes in a flashy black box, which is intelligently packed to help protect the pre-filled liquid system during transit. The design of the box and foam encasement is simple but effective.














Below, you'll see the cooler and everything that comes packaged with it. The PURE's mounting hardware allows you to mount the CPU block to just about any socket type, a big ease-of-use advantage.


The tubing between the PURE's radiator and the CPU block could be a little longer - more on this later.




CoolIT claims that installing the PURE cooler is quick and easy, but I found that installation into my case - a Lian-Li PC-P60 - was a little more trouble than I expected. The problem I encountered stemmed from the sizable depth of my case, and the PURE's tubing was too short to span the distance between the CPU and the radiator mounted on the hard drive cage. I ended up resting the PURE's main assembly on my RAM slots, so that I could mount the CPU block without stretching the hoses too far. While I wasn’t too enthusiastic about the modified installation, most users should not have a problem. However, if your case has a deep design like mine, you may run into the same issue.












CPU FHE (Fluid Heat Exchanger)
Monolithic copper, multi-cell
43 x 42 x 16.5 mm
Surface Area
4,026 mm²
175 g



CoolIT does not currently offer any information about  their radiator at this time

Power usage
8W +/- 0.5W
12VDC coreless outrunner pump with integrated expansion vessel
<15dBALife Cycle: 50,000 hrs
50 x 50 x 75 mm
3.5 L/minWeight: 205 g  






Validating the performance of a product involves testing it out to see if it can perform as advertised, and then finding the limits of its capabilities. To test the CoolIT PURE, I will record temperatures at stock CPU speeds - as well as overclocked speeds - to see how well the PURE handles the load. To perform this testing, I will allow the system to idle for 15 minutes to record the idle temperatures. To obtain the load temperatures, I will run Prime 95 for 30 minutes, using the Small FFT test setting to generate a substantial thermal load. I will use Core Temp 0.97 to gather the temperatures at idle and under load, with the results representing the averaged temps of all four cores.


Testing Setup:


Coolers Tested:





 Stock Testing:



 Load Testing:


As an all-in-one liquid cooling solution, the PURE CPU cooler outperformed the stock Intel cooler under load by at least 10 degrees Celsius. This is a substantial improvement, considering the PURE is an almost dead-silent cooling solution.




While measuring the idle CPU temperatures at stock speeds - or overclocked to 3.0GHz - the PURE didn’t really knock my socks off. However, cooling at 100% CPU load is where this cooler really seemed to shine; after all, judging a CPU cooler under idle conditions doesn’t really make sense. That the CoolIT PURE easily handled the load temperatures so well at stock and overclocked speeds was very impressive. I have long been skeptical of all-in-one coolers like this, but the PURE certainly eased that skepticism. To me, one of the best features of the PURE is the quietness with which it operates; this cooler will outperform most air coolers - and be far quieter at the same time. The PURE’s pre-assembled, maintenance free design is also very nice, as not everyone has the free time to build, install, and maintain a custom liquid cooling kit. Overall, my experience with the CoolIT PURE CPU cooler was a good one. The installation was quick and simple, despite the slight problem I had with my case being too large to safely mount the main unit on my hard drive cage. The PURE's performance was better than I expected, especially considering the quad-core processor it had to cool. Can better performance be attained from higher-end cooling? Of course it can, but for the relatively low cost of this all-in-one cooler, its performance was more than acceptable.