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Cooler Master Aero 7 Lite CPU Cooler Review


Closer Look Continued

Unfortunately I was unable to get a top-down shot of the heatsink for you. The blower fan on the Aero 7 Lite is, as far as I can tell, not removable.

And we have the screwdriver clip. As much as I hate them, I suppose they are functional. For a closer look at the Coolermaster blower fan (seeing as I couldn't get it off) as well as the adjustable speed controls (also identical) you can go here. The only difference is the "Aero V" on the fan is now simply "Aero"

No touching!

The installation of this fan was basic - simply grab yourself a slot screwdriver and pop it in, much as you would any other heatsink. Be careful though, because - as always - the screwdrive may slip and you ruin a good motherboard. Just take it easy and you'll be all set. At this point, I should mention that since the blower is adjustable, the noise level differs. At the highest setting, the fan is loud, but not horribly so. Given the information on the Cooler Master website, the fan is rated at a max dBA level of only 37.5dBA. Only a slight tweak down (the "Medium" setting as listed below), and its very tolerable, if not downright silent.

Installing the 3.5" bracket was a bit difficult. The drive cages on the Antec case I was using (the 1040BII) do not have screw holes that far forward in the cage. As a result, the 3.5" bracket is a little bit set back in the first slot, and is uninstallable in the 2nd slot. Seeing as I only have 1 case, that could be a singular problem (I can't test it) but it would be nice to have a bracket that could be flush with the outside of the case. Perhaps longer sides on the bracket could accomplish this.

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  2. Closer Look
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