Cooler Master USNA95 Ultra Slim Notebook Power Adapter Review

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Reviewed on: August 31, 2010
Price: $79.95


When it comes to mobility everything is important - especially size and weight. The more devices you carry with you when traveling, the more power adapters you need to keep those devices working. Unless that is, you have an all in one solution, which usually weighs a ton and never powers every device that you need. Travel aside, what happens if one of your power adapters stops working? Usually you have to pay over $100 for an OEM adapter that again only works with that one device, leaving you packing more and more later on. The price just does not seem feasible. Well, Cooler Master has been producing replacement notebook adapters to aid you in making life easier. They have taken all of their design knowledge and poured it into designing the world's smallest and lightest 95w adapter - the USNA 95. The Cooler Master Ultra Small Note Book Adapter 95 not only provides power for your portable computer, but your other portable devices as well such as iPod, cell phones, and more. Now for less than the price of replacing your OEM adapters, you can have that all in one solution saving you weight, time, and expense.


Closer Look:

The Cooler Master USNA95 comes packaged in a sleek box with a window showing you the design without having to remove it from the packaging. This open view lets you see the slim and small style of the Ultra Slim Power Adapter. You may notice on the front that the adapter has received the 2010 iF Product Design Award as well. On the rear there is another window showing you the types of tips that are available. I would urge any potential buyer to verify that their devices will work prior to purchasing the power adapter through Cooler Master's Website. On the rear there is also a list of some of the impressive features that the USNA95 has included. Flipping over to the side there is a list of the specifications and the brands of notebooks that are supported with the adapter.









The power brick and accessories are placed into two separate compartments to keep them from shifting or being lost during shipping. This also protects the parts from being damaged by rubbing up against each other. Included with the power brick are the AC cable, power tip cable, cable clamp, power tips, user guide and a carrying bag to keep everything together.


Now that we have everything out of the package, we can get a better look on how everything works.

Closer Look:

The power brick is small measuring only 4.1 inches long, 2.4 inches wide and a slim 0.7 inches thick. It is not much bigger than a 2.5 inch hard drive, which makes it easily portable for all of your power needs. The USNA95 is rated for 95 watts output and Cooler Master states that it has up to a 90% efficiency, which means less wasted power keeping your energy bills down when using it. The main thing that really sets this power adapter apart from the competition though, is the ability to charge other devices while charging your notebook. That’s right - Cooler Master has included a USB charging port so you can keep your music players, mobile phones, and PDA’s fully charged at the same time with only one power adapter. This means less clutter to carry around when traveling, by not having to carry a charger for each device you have. The USB port provides a whopping 1 amp and can charge devices up to 30% faster than a standard USB port on a computer. The charging is independent as well, meaning you can use it just to charge a USB device without having to have a computer connected to it or powered on as well.













There are a total of nine power tips included to charge your notebook, laptop or even netbook. The manufacturers include ACER, ASUS, HP, COMPAQ, BENQ, IBM, LENOVO, SONY, DELL, SAMSUNG, GATEWAY, TOSHIBA, NEC, and FUJITSU. To use, just select the correct tip for your system and plug it into the power tip cord, ensuring the flat sides match up. Then you are ready to use your Cooler Master USNA95 for all of your portable power needs.


To keep everything together for travel, Cooler Master has included a tote bag. Everything fits nice and snug inside and there is even room for you to place your small portable devices as well, keeping everything together and safe from loss.


When in operation there is an LED that signals what mode the power brick is in. When in normal use for powering your computer the LED is a green color. This verifies that the power adapter is on and providing power ready to charge. When you plug in a USB device to the charger, the status LED changes to red, notifying you that the USB device is in fact successfully charging. The LED will remain red until the USB device is removed.


Here are two shots showing you how easy it is to charge your devices. Notice with very little clutter I am able to charge my Samsung N130 netbook and my Motorola Droid phone at the same time. This keeps me productive without having to carry multiple chargers. You can see in the second picture that the mobile phone is still charging even when my netbook is powered off keeping full batteries on both.


Now that everything is set up I am ready to start putting this baby to the test.


Input Voltage:
100 - 240 Vac full range
Input Frequency Range:
50 - 60 Hz
Output Rating:
18 ~ 20 Vdc; 19 Vdc ~ 4.74A
4.75 ~ 5.25 Vdc; 5 vdc ~ 1A
LED Indicator:
Green LED indicates power on
Red LED indicates USB charge
Operation Temperature:
0 ~ 40°C
Up to 90%
62 x 17 x 104 mm
2.4 x 0.7 x 4.1 inch
2 years
UPC Code:


Compatibility Chart:

Tip Color
Tip Color
Certain laptops that have unique ID design (i.e. some models of Dell) for their own adapters, this product can still provide operation for the laptop, but may not charge the laptop battery. For detailed compatible laptop models, please visit our global website:




All information courtsey of Cooler Master @


For the testing phase of this review, there is not much that goes into it, since it is only a laptop AC adapter. To test the Cooler Master USNA95 Ultra Slim Notebook Adapter, I carried it around for a a week using it on a variety of portable laptops, a netbook and my Motorola Droid mobile phone to check the compatibility and ease of having it with me all of the time. I then compiled the data based on a scale of one to ten on several factors that I felt were pertinent to reviewing the adapter for everyday use. For the time that it was carried, I left the adapters for my personal devices at home to ensure compatibility and portability. The Cooler Master USNA95 was taken everywhere with me in my laptop bag, in place of my usual AC adapters for the devices.



 Testing Setup:







Overall, it was a pleasure having only one charger with me. It lightened my everyday load and made charging my devices more efficient than ever. At an MSRP price of $79.95 this power adapter beats the price points for the tremendously over priced OEM replacements and adds more functionality to it as well. For the price, I gave the adapter a rating of 8 because while it is well worth the price, there are other competing adapters in the $50 to $60 range. For ease of use and compatibility I rated each one a 9.

This adapter was simple and very easy to use with little direction or problems. Compatibility scored well also because it was able to power each device I had that I could find and with the USB port you’re recharging of portable devices is nearly endless. Finally, the weight area I gave a 10 because this is a very small and light adapter that takes up little room and does not add much weight at all to my briefcase. In fact, with the amount of adapters it replaces, my bag is actually lighter.


The Cooler Master USNA95 was a surprising pleasure to have around with me day to day. The ability to charge multiple devices from one power adapter was more important than you can begin to imagine. Now I don't have to find a free outlet with more than one plug available to charge my computer and my other portable devices. For the time I used the USNA95 I have fallen in love with the ease of use and not having to carry around multiple chargers. I am able to charge both my netbook and cell phone in little over an hour, which keeps me on the go longer for work and play.

The price in my opinion, seems low for a charger that does so much. I would easily pay over $100 for this adapter, but it can be had for under $80, which makes it a necessity. If you use a portable computer I would recommend picking one up as your main adapter and keeping your OEM charger as a spare. The Cooler Master USNA95 will become your most prized mobile accessory that you will not want to go anywhere without it. In fact, I actually shelved my Samsung N130 netbook power adapter and exclusively carry the USNA95 everywhere now.