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Cooler Master CSX Stacker 830 Red Flame Edition Review

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Closer Look:

The first thing that stands out on this case are the beautiful graphics, that really have to be seen in person to get a grip on just how nice they really are. Pictures alone do not do it justice; the paintwork is smooth and flawless on top of the Cooler Master chassis. The artwork does not just cover one side and the front, but the theme wraps around the whole case - including the top sides and front. The front side shows the flaming skull the case is named for, along with the CSX logo and unit number - 56 - of this case in the series of 400. The rear is much like that of the stock RC 830 chassis. A single 120mm fan and the power supply are the only means for exhausting air out of the chassis.



















The left hand side of the chassis features an acrylic window that allows a view into the Red Flame Edition. Behind the acrylic window is the fan panel that is used to ventilate the RC 830 Stacker chassis. This panel kind of takes away some of the custom look to the case, but is part of the package nonetheless. The right hand side features the majority of the artwork, with several grinning skulls, one looking at the other. The artwork wraps around the lower chassis extension to complete the look. If you look closely, you can see the artwork runs right up under the acrylic side panel to the edge of the opening.



The flame work runs up over the top of the chassis including, the fan vent in the top center of the case. The paint work is not choppy here as you would expect. The bottom of the chassis is as Cooler Master intended, with no artwork here to speak of. The wheels included with the accessories bolt on towards the front and rear of the rubber feet. It is vented to allow airflow either in or out, and seems to be an area that a radiator for a water cooling system could be located.



The top front of the Red Flame Edition has not one, but two, I/O panels. There is one on the front panel and one on the top; each includes additional functionality and USB ports. The top panel has the power switch, reset switch, power LED and two USB 2.0 ports. The front, on the other hand, has two USB 2.0 ports, the microphone, headset and IEEE 1394 FireWire port. Plenty of connections are available out front, but they might just get in the way though if you open the door frequently.



The rear of the chassis has a few items of note that require discussion. The side panels are not held in by screws like many conventional cases, but are held on by latches that lock into position, holding the side panel in place. You can see that the top of the chassis vents not only to the top vent hole, but out the back of the case. This is for two reasons, as an intake if the power supply is mounted to pull in cool air, or as a means of getting rid of hot air out the top via a series of fans. The motherboard tray is held in place with a series of latches that lock and slide to secure the removable motherboard tray. The panels slide back about 1 to 1.25 inches before they can be pulled off and set to the side.




The front door swings open, and can be converted to swing either left or right depending on which direction you want the door to open. The method of conversion revolves around moving the door pins from one side of the chassis to the other with the already available mounts.



Last, but not least, on the outside are the drive bay covers. These snap into place and are held in by the small aluminum side doors that fold across them. There are small filters attached to the rear of the covers to help alleviate any dust problems - or at least keep the majority of dust of your chassis.



We have seen what the outside of this gem looks, so like let's see if the innards can compare - although I think that is a battle already lost!





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