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Cooler Master Real Power Pro 850W Review

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The Cooler Master Real Power Pro 850W power supply is a great looking piece of hardware that your computer setup will love, as long as you do not mind the extra wires piled up in your case. The Real Power Pro did exactly what it was supposed to do - deliver power to my computer and keeping all of the rails very stable and close to their stated ratings. There was little fluctuation in the voltages between the idle and load testing. Watching the voltages while running through 3Dmark06, it seemed to handle the load, to no load and back to load changes with little change in the voltages measured. The only complaint that I have, is the way that Cooler Master designed this power supply - they should have made it with a modular design, to keep the amount of wires hanging around the inside of the computer to a minimum. Either that, or made the wires shorter, which will make it easier to hide the wires in your case. If you are fine with having to manage the extra wires that are not used, a non-modular power supply will fit the bill for your build. When looking on the Nvidia website, I was unable to find this power supply listed as Quad SLI certified, which seems very strange considering the features list, so until it is on there, I can not suggest getting this power supply for powering a Quad SLI setup based on the lack of Quad SLI certification. On the other hand, it is listed as an SLI certified power supply capable of powering up to two 8800GTX 768MB video cards in SLI. This certification process is in place to provide the best possible user experience. The cooling capabilities of this power supply are great, as it has a huge heatsink on the inside covering all the internal components. The blend of a great performing power supply, with great looks, makes it a winner in my book. I would suggest picking it up if you are looking for a new power supply that will be able to power just about anything you need to throw at it.



  • Sleek design
  • Silent
  • Light-weight
  • Price
  • Stability
  • SLI Certification



  • Non-modular design
  • Not recognized on the Nvidia website as 'Quad SLI' certified


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