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Cooler Master Hyper Z600 Review

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Closer Look:  


When you take the Cooler Master Hyper Z600 out and get it alone, you are able to see how extremely large this piece of hardware actually is. Not only is it tall, it is also very wide. You can also see that the entire cooler is made out of aluminum, which is a very common choice between all manufactures to use for a cooler nowadays. All four sides of the Hyper Z600 look very similar; actually looking at only the fins, they are aligned the exact same on every side. This heatsink is setup very differently than any of the others that I have used before. There are two heatpipes that attach to the base and soar all the way up to the top of the heatsink and are positioned in each of the four corners of the unit. These pipes pass through twenty larger fins, while there are four more heatpipes on either side that go up the middle of the heatsink and pass through twenty-six smaller fins. This gives you a total of six heatpipes on each side, passing through a total of 46 fins; it looks like the Hyper Z600 should be able to dissipate the heat very effectively.  







One would think that the top of the Cooler Master Hyper Z600 should be just as interesting as the sides of it, and they would be correct. The top of the cooler is covered by a piece of plastic that is shaped in a cross, and has the Cooler Master badge in the center. The top of the Hyper Z600 is the same as the picture that was placed on the front of its packaging. When you flip it over and look at the bottom of the cooler, you are able to see how there are six heatpipes that connect to the base on both sides and you are also able to see that the base has been lapped to reduce the amount of dimples in the material and provide better contact with the IHS of the selected processor. The base is made out of copper, though it is coated.  



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