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Cooler Master HAF 932

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The HAF 932 has a great look. It reminds me of a tough and solid war machine. It is also well equipped to face off any component producing a lot of heat, like high-end graphics cards such as the HD4870x2. Each of its three 230mm fans produces up to 75 CFM at a low 19 dBa, which you will barely hear. Also, a good cable management is a must for not hindering air circulation. Well, this case has all of what you need to get wires out of the way. There is plenty of room behind the motherboard tray to run them there. If the computer is liquid cooled, radiators with up to three 120mm fans in a row can be housed at the top of this beast. Also, for expansion cards and drive bays, including the internals 3.5" and externals 5.25", there are tool-less devices, which allows a quick hardware swap.

However, there is only one external 3.5" bay, and this one is not tool-free. This can be a limit for using many 3.5" devices like floppy disk drives and memory card readers. I also had some trouble connecting the processor power cable when the power supply was mounted at the bottom. The extension provided, which is a 2x4 connector, might not fit in some motherboards having a 2x2 connector. I finally rummaged around and found another extension to test that monster with the power supply mounted at the bottom. No more problem. This cable could be made into a modular type plug so that the 2x4 connection can be separated into two 2x2 power connections for those on a little bit older technology. I could have mounted the power supply at the top, but I would have needed to remove the top 230mm fan. Not an option for massive air flow.

Overall, I highly recommend the HAF 932. It is a good quality case with great features, room for cable management, awesome cooling capacity, the whole package at a reasonable price.



  • Tool-free design
  • Incredible air flow
  • Fans can be replaced with several 120mm ones
  • Easy cable management
  • Great look
  • Liquid cooling ready
  • Power supply can be mounted either on the top or bottom
  • Quiet



  • Only one 3.5" external bay
  • Processor power cable extension might not fit all motherboards
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