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Cooler Master Cosmos S Review

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Closer Look:

Working Components:

Once I pulled the side panels of the Cooler Master Cosmos S computer case, you are able to see exactly how much room is inside of this case, as well as how it is setup. The 5.25" Drive bays all have tool-free features of just pressing a button. The motherboard tray in the Cosmos S is very open and does not have anything blocking it or anything to direct the air. On the reverse side, you are able to see that the bottom of the motherboard tray is very much closed off except for a few holes that will allow the air to flow more freely through out the case and cool the motherboard from under it. These holes will also allow for better wire management.
















The side panel that when removed allows you to get to the motherboard tray is very interesting. There is a huge 200 x 230 x 30 mm fan to suck in fresh air and blow it over all of the critical components that you have installed inside the Cosmos S.


The cooling system that comes pre-installed with the Cooler Master Cosmos S computer case is 2 120mm fans that are in the top left hand corner of the case. Both of these fans are set up to suck the warmer air from inside of the case out. One is placed on the top of the case while the other is placed on the back of the case. The position of both of these fans are right by where the CPU cooler will be, which should add to more warm air being pulled off the CPU cooler.


Now the power supply is at a very unique place, not many other computer cases put the power supply at the bottom of the case and have it suck fresh air from outside the case to cool it, however the Cosmos line up does. The practice of sucking fresh air from under the case could be deadly to the power supply by sucking up large particles of dust and keeping the power supply from functioning properly. Cooler Master has put a fabric air filter that is removable for this exact reason.



Back to a little more cooling for both the case and some of the components, the hard drive cage. The hard drive cage that comes installed in this case is one that will hold four hard drives. There is a 120mm fan that is pulling in fresh air from the outside of the case to blow over the hard drives to cool them. Then to cool the other components in the case. Not only does this hard drive cage have its own cooler, it also has rubber O-rings around where the screws go onto the case to keep the vibrations of the hard drives from being enhanced by the case.




The connectors that come from the top IO panel are 2 USB, 1 1394, 1 Audio (either HD or AC 97) and 1 eSATA cable. There also is a 24pin motherboard power adapter that has a split from it that goes to the touch sensor button to power the computer, this is so that it will get power directly from the power supply.


Now that we know what the case looks like, lets see what the specifications of it are and what the main features Cooler Master wants its customer to know about.


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  2. Closer Look Continued (The Case)
  3. Closer Look Continued (Working Components)
  4. Specifications & Features
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