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Cooler Master Cosmos S Review

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The Case:

By taking a look at the side of the Cooler Master Cosmos S computer case, you are able to see that Cooler Master rethought the Cosmos line up and decided to add better cooling solutions to the case. From the outside of the Cosmos S, you are able to see that there is a large fan on the inside and that a majority of the side panel is made with a "breathable" material which will allow the air to flow in easier. On the front of the case, you can see the sleek design that the Cosmos line-up offers, being very simple and not busy at all. At the bottom of the front, you are able to see that there is a fan down there to suck in fresh air from the front. The back side of the Cosmos S case is very similar to the Cosmos 1000, however being black. There is a Cooler Master logo on the upper left hand corner of the side panel. The back of the case is very similar to that of the Cosmos 1000 case, by having the power supply on the bottom of the case.
















Speaking of where you mount the power supply on the bottom, you are able to see when you look at the underside of the case that the air intake for the power supply is sucking air in from under the case. right by that there is a spot to mount a 120mm fan that you will suck in fresh air and add more cooler air to the case as well as the other components that you have installed inside. There is a plastic piece that has a fabric air filter to keep most large dust particles from being introduced to the inside of the case which can be removed to clean.



Taking a look at the top of the case, you are able to see that there are places for 3 120mm fans that can be mounted to blow out the warmer air from the inside of the case, that will pass through the "breathable" top. When you remove the top cover you are able to see that there are the three 120mm fan mounts that you could possibly convert into a place to mount a radiator for a watercooling setup.



Speaking of adding a watercooling setup, on the back of the Cosmos S case where most other cases have the power supply mounted, is where you will find two pre-drilled holes that have a rubber protector around the sharp edges that you would be able to run some tubing for a watercooling setup.


The top front of the case is where the power button and the IO panel is located. However, Cooler Master has done a good job of hiding the IO panel as well as making the power button blend in. The IO panel is hidden behind a sliding door while the power button is a touch sensor button. The power button does not even look like a button, it is more like a small dip in the top of the case.


Lets open up the Cooler Master Cosmos S case and see what they have hiding inside and see how much room that there is.


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