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Cooler Master Cosmos II Ultra Tower Review

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Closer Look:

The Cosmos II as you have already surmised is a large format enclosure. It will accommodate all motherboards up to the XL-ATX. The interior is divided into two chambers. The upper approximatly 3/4 of the interior is the motherboard area, and the bottom 1/4 is a separate compartment. This ostensibly is done for two reasons. 1) to isolate the Power supply and the heat it generates, and 2)To create a cooling chamber for the second radiator for those who choose to make use of it. (more on that in a bit)















Wire management opportunities in the Cosmos II are excellent with no less than 9 very large grommeted openings. The interior is also finished in a very polished manner. The finish is first rate, and there is not a sharp edge to be found or felt. The Cosmos II has what seems like an obvious need and requirement in a high end case but is so often not afforded in many high end  cases, an inch of clearance behind the motherboard tray for all those wires. This is particularly important with the Cosmos as 'bulging' these doors is not an option. A very large 6" x 8" cutout for the mounting of the CPU cooler is nicely placed and should allow access to the cooling solution mounting systems of most motherboards. Clearance behind the HDD trays is not a problem either, with a very comfortable 1-1/2" for power and data cables.





As I spoke of earlier, the doors on the Cosmos are very impressive. the way they are mounted is equally impressive and a feature I would like to see on other cases. the hinges used are extremely sturdy, so much so that while opening them to a full 90 degrees, the sag is negligible. The doors have a terrific 4-pin gravity system. To remove them, all you do is simply lift up on the hinge side, and they come off. To re-mount them, simply line up the 4 pins in keyhole like holes, and let them fall into place. The opening mechanism for the doors is simply a spring loaded lever that activates a three point sliding locking system.  Push down and they spring open. The hinges have a small amount of friction built into them, so they stay put at any where you place them between 1-90 degrees.



The three 5.25" bays make use of Cooler Masters tool-less locking system and are among the most effective I have used. I have in the past needed to open the other side of the case and throw a screw in, however, I mounted my two additional power supplies and an optical drive using them and none of the three would budge after being locked in.


The PSU is mounted in the bottom of the unit in the lower chamber. The power supply is mounted fan side down on a base that has vibration dampening foam, and has its own slide out filter below the PSU fan. The Power supply unit is mounted into a bracket enclosure that protrudes an inch and a half from the back of the case affording the use of the largest of the power supplies on the market.



On the next page we'll have a look at filtering and the water-cooling capabilities of the Cosmos II

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