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Cooler Master Centurion 531 (RC 531) Case Review


In-depth Look: Interior
The toolless design of the Centurion 531 immediately caught my eye. All drives: 5.25�, 3.5�, including hard drives can be installed without ever needing to pick up a screw driver or a screw. Now those of you who have worked with toolless cases may be thinking that toolless installations are not very secure, but Coolermaster have implemented a flawless system. I have tried shaking, pulling and pushing the drives to no avail and have concluded that this toolless system is truly remarkable. For the 5.25� and floppy drive bays securing a drive is as simple as pushing the rail forward and pushing down a lock. Furthermore, in the hard drive bay, the hard drive will need to be secured with two drive rails (which is easily pushed into place) and sliding it into the drive bay!

To further the convenience, the explanation card clip is used and allows for easy and fast installation of expansion cards. Despite the great idea, there were a few problems with Coolermaster�s design. When the lock is �secured� there is still space between the PCI bracket and the clip. Moreover, the clip does not securely hold the card in place and even adding a screw would be a good idea.

Coolermaster has also included four thumb screws for easy removal of the side panels, nothing special here, but a nice addition.

The hard drive rack is also removable, there are four screws securing the hard drive rack, two beside the motherboard tray and two on the bottom of the case. After these have been loosened, the hard drive rack can slide out of the case.

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