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Coolermaster Aerogate II Multi-function Panel Review


In-Depth Look
So, let's take a closer look at the main unit, the Aerogate II itself.

Very nice looking, brushed silver unit. On the front panel we see the display and buttons. The 6 buttons, clockwise from the top are: Color: Used to Start/Stop color rotation to select your favorite color, or a constant cycle through them. HDD, Case: selection for monitoring HDD or Case fan speed/temperature C*/F* : Change between display of Celsius or Farenheit tempuratures CPU, VGA: selection for monitoring CPU or VGA fan speed/temperature

As you can see on the back, there is an included 40mm fan, which is considered the default Hard Drive fan, but can simply be unplugged if you have actual HDD fans to plug in.

The temperature sensor wires and the fan extension cables are plenty long enough fo virtually every case, and especially good if you're looking to stealth your cables. The temperature sensor wires are about a metre long, and the power extensions about half that (50cm).

Another nice feature is that there's a little label on the plug portion for your fans. This means that you don't have to follow the wire all the way back to the actual unit, it's labelled right there for your convenience.

Installation for this product is wonderfully easy, and there is a decent manual included with it, written in a slew of language, so if you're multilingual, you're in heaven. The physical installation was as easy as screwing the unit onto the drive rails for my case, and sliding it in.

One note: Be gentle. The unit is made from aluminum, and I found out to my dismay that those side brackets do indeed bend.

Once installed, all you have to do is plug the appropriate fans in, and plug the unit in (I used the included extender so I could use a spare Molex pin sitting there).

The only part I dislike is the fact that no thermal tape was included so you could secure your thermal probes in the places you want them. Alternatives that you can buy pretty much anywhere are high-temp electrical tape, and if you feel like going all-out, gaffers tape. Choose something that will not melt in a high heat situation.

So, we have our Aerogate II installed. Sweet. Now, does it work? Let's check it out.

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