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Cooler Master Notepal U Stand Review

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Closer Look:

The cooler itself looks very similar to the U3 which makes sense because they are both part of the Notepal series. The base of the cooler is a black-painted aluminum surface with lots of holes drilled in it to facilitate air flow. Cooler Master’s name is printed in stylish letters near the front of the cooler in between two legs that can flip open to act as a support to keep the laptop from sliding off when the cooler is in an elevated position.


















Along the right side of the cooler is the main panel with all the connections. This panel includes 3 USB ports which can be used as a hub, a Mini-USB port that sends data to the hub ports and power from the laptop to power the fan, a power switch, and an unused DC power connection.



The fans are pretty unique in that you don’t have to have them attached to the laptop cooler. They snap into the holes in the cooler base and can be moved around easily. They have a small power connection that plugs in near the control panel and doesn’t feel too solid, but considering it’s not something that will be unplugged often it isn’t a deal breaker.




The underside of the cooler doesn’t have a whole lot of action besides the stand, which is what allows the cooler to be used in an elevated position. There are four different heights which you can raise the cooler to, and a fifth slot in the very back if you don’t want the cooler to have any elevation.




The laptop that I’ll be using later to test the cooler is my MacBook Pro, which fits comfortably on the cooler, but only allows me to use the first elevation setting without having the screen on my laptop tilted downwards.


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