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Cooler Master Storm Scout Review

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The Cooler Master Scout performed exceedingly well; it was even able to give the HAF 922 some competition. Depending on what you're interested in, the Scout offers impressive features that any gamer would enjoy - for one, its promised ease of mobilization. The included handle bar is of Grade "A" quality, and should do well for transportation to and from LAN events. Cable management was an easy task with the Scout case; there are a few cutouts in the motherboard tray to route any leftover cables or connectors. Cooling was also taken care of with the help of the three included fans, with one 120mm fan at the back of the case, one 140mm fan at the top of the case and lastly, one 140mm fan in the front of the case - which I should mention was screwed too tightly to even come off. My biggest concern with the case, though, was with the expansion slots. Cooler Master decided to use a tool-less system, which is fine for most video cards, but the problem I ran into was that it couldn't support the GTX 260 with the material used. The plastic material was not quite sturdy enough, during the testing part of it just snapped right off. This is definitely not a good sign if you plan on using large or heavy video cards, but the standard solution to the problem would be to attach the card with a screw. While the Scout has its share of disadvantages, it's still a great solution for anyone that is looking for a decent mid-tower case capable of easy transportation and great cooling.



  • All tool-less system
  • Sturdy handle bar
  • Cable management
  • Cooling



  • Cramped spacing at the top of the case
  • Tool-less system (expansion slots)


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  5. Testing
  6. Conclusion
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