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Reviewed on: August 4, 2010
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Are you into the newest MMORPG or FPS titles? Do you have a bunch of repetitive keystrokes that you make in your games? Do you spend hours in front of your computer playing these games? Well Cooler Master may just have a brand new mouse for you, the Cooler Master Inferno. This mouse is capable of holding multiple profiles in the onboard memory as well as holding all of your scripts and macros that you may use. The Cooler Master Inferno also has quite a few helpful features such as Storm Tactics Multiplier key, Rapid Fire Tactical key and the Advanced Storm MacroPro key; all to make your gaming much easier and give you a quicker response to what is going on in the game. I am very interested to see how well this mouse is going to be able to stack up against the others out on the market, so lets begin looking at it!


Closer Look:

There was no retail packaging that came with the Cooler Master Inferno mouse, so for obvious reasons, there is no detailed look at the packaging. That means we get to jump right into taking a look at the mouse; which lets face it, is exactly why you are here in the first place. Taking a look at the Inferno, you can see that both sides of the mouse are curved to fit in your hand as comfortably as possible, most of the sides where your hand is going to be resting is covered with a rubber material to help keep your hand from slipping off of the mouse and give you a nice place to grip. The left side of the mouse is where you are going to find a total of three buttons, the first two are going to act as your forward and backward keys while the square one in the back is going to be your Storm Tactics Multiplier Key. The back of the mouse is a high gloss, black backing that has the Cooler Master Storm flame logo on it. When you look at the front of the mouse, you will see that you have your normal right and left click keys and the scroll wheel, however the Inferno mouse has a smaller button on either side of the mouse next to your right and left click buttons that are your right and left rapid click buttons.














The scroll wheel uses what Cooler Master calls the Ultra Wide Scroll System, basically the scroll wheel is twice the size as a normal scroll wheel found on other mice with some added features. You are going to find strengthened micro-response control, 2x the scrolling area, large rubber sweat divergent canals, and individual scroll speeds. The three buttons that you find at the top of the mouse are the buttons used to control the On-board Sentinel-X microprocessor. There is 128KB worth of storage on the mouse which is going to allow you to store up to three custom profiles as well as the macros, scripts, and any other customizations you may have done directly on the mouse to allow you to use the mouse on any system with or without the Inferno software installed. The three buttons on the side of the mouse, like I mentioned before, are the forward and backward keys as well as the Storm Tactics Multiplier Key. The Storm Tactics Multiplier Key offers unique key combination built to offer 32 extra button outputs for macros, scripts, rapid fire, and other unique commands. Up front, where the cord goes into the mouse, is where you are going to find a unique design for a mouse, breathable vents. These slits are going to allow the light from the internal LEDs come out and shine down on your mouse pad and give you a cool effect.




On top of the mouse, you are going to find writing on both sides of the mouse, on the right hand side you will find the CM Storm logo printed, just in case you forget what kind of mouse it is. The left side of the mouse, you will find numbers listed from 1 to 5, there are LEDs next to each of the buttons, this is your on the fly DPI setting adjustment, you are going to be able to program 5 DPI settings per profile and you can switch between the five presets at any time you wish. Looking at the bottom of the mouse, you will find three flat and slick feet that are going to allow the mouse to glide across your mouse pad without a problem. You are also going to find the laser that gives the Inferno its power. The inferno utilizes a superior laser engine to ensure extreme stability and a point for point tracking performance. Enhanced to increase your gaming needs, it provides loss-less performance at optimize speed ranges boosted to enduring all types of tactical movement for sheer accuracy.



The USB cord that is attached to the Inferno has a gold plated USB adapter for a better connection, it is also wrapped in a nylon material to help protect the cable from any kinks or small cuts in the cord. You are also going to be getting 1000Hz polling and a 1ms response time with the cord used. The Inferno software is included with the mouse to help you quickly get your mouse setup properly, so you can get on your way to gaming.



As I mentioned before, you can see the lights coming through the grille on the front of the mouse and it does land on the surface in front of it to give you a pretty cool and unique look, there is also an LED at the back fo the mouse to light up the Cooler Master Storm flame logo.



Now that we know what the Cooler Master Inferno looks like, it's time to get the mouse setup and see what kind of settings that Cooler Master provides.


When you first put the Cooler Master Inferno Installation CD in your drive, you are going to get a pop up with the Inferno logo on it and off to the right hand side of the pop up, you will see three options, the first being install the drivers, the second being to launch the application off the CD without installing it and the third is to close down the application. I decided to install the software. It uses the typical install-wise installation sequence, so just follow the on screen directions and you will be fine. Once it is installed and launched, you are given a screen that looks very similar to the previous one, except there is a progress bar at the bottom letting you know that the software is starting up. One you get into the software, you are going to see a very confusing screen at first glances if you have never played around with mouse software. First off to the right hand side of the screen, you are going to see a list of all the buttons numbered from 1 to 11 with an assignment next to it. At the bottom of the screen, you are going to see the five DPI level settings, you can set the X and Y axis to different DPI resolutions. When you click either Game Profiles or Advance Settings off to the left of the screen, a panel will slide out that will give you your three custom profiles that you can begin to customize as well as your standard profile. At the bottom of the panel, you will see the motion sensitivity, double click speed, button response time (adjustments between 250us and 32ms) and a double click window to test your double click speed settings.

















In the Game Profiles section of the pop out panel, you will see three buttons, Reset Profile to default, Create or edit profile, and Profile Maintenance: Export and Import. When you click the Reset button, you will get a pop up letting you know that you are about to reset which ever profile is selected and it will tell you which one is selected, you are given the ok and cancel buttons. When you click the Create or edit profile button, you will get a pop up that is going to give you a space to type the profile's name and you can even upload an image that the software will display in the panel, obviously I choose gotdamojo06 for my test profile and the background file for my image to see what it did. The profile management button is going to allow you to view the three profiles stored on your mouse and either import them or new profiles to the mouse.



On the Main Control screen, you are going to be able to edit all of the buttons on the mouse. However you can do that only when you are in a custom profile and you are unable to customize the CM Storm profile. When you have your profile selected, you can click on the button that you wish to customize, let's say button one, then click the down arrow next to it to select which function you want it to carry out, since button one is your left click button, I am going to keep that the same but you can see that there are a ton of functions to choose from. The next screen is your Storm Tactics settings, this is where you are going to be able to setup your eight button strokes to give you your special execution, be it a macro or a script you have created or one of the preset key functions.



When you get to the macro screen, you are able to create your own custom macros, just select the New button, and then the Start Record button. You have to keep your mouse in the top black box to have the button presses recorded. The steps are exactly the same as in the Macro screen. On the Library screen, you are going to be able to manage all of your scripts and your macros that you have programed and saved on your hard drive or your mouse if you decide to import them in. There is a support/update screen that is going to give you two buttons, one for online support and the other to check for an update to the software.




Since the Cooler Master Inferno is configured to our liking, it's time to take a look at the specifications then begin our testing.







11/9 Programmable

Max Speed

115 Inches per Second

Lift-off Distance


USB Polling


Response Time







All information courtesy of Cooler Master @


To properly test the Cooler Master Inferno, I will be testing it on four different aspects: speed, comfort, precision, and customization. To test the speed of the mouse, I will rate how fast the cursor is able to move across the screen. To test the comfort of the mouse, I will rate how comfortable it is to handle. The precision of the mouse will be rated by in-game sniping ability rated by the number of head-shots. For the last rating, I will be rating how well you are able to customize the mouse to fit your needs. The Orochi mouse will be tested as a wired mouse.

Testing Setup:


Comparison Mice:


First up is the speed test, which will be rated on a scale from 1-10. I will be moving the mouse from the top left corner of the screen to the lower right corner. A 10 rating would represent lightning fast, while a 1 would be equal to a snail moving across your screen.





The comfort test is going to be rated by how comfortable and natural the feel of the mouse is to the hand, using a 1-10 point scale, where a 10 represents your hand is in heaven, while a 1 is equal to extreme discomfort.



In the precision test, I will be gaming using Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and using the Barrett .50cal. I will rate the accuracy on a 1-10 scale, where 1 would represent no headshots and a 10 would mean all headshots.



Lastly, we have customization. To grade each mouse on this test, I will see exactly how well you are able to change the buttons of the mouse, as well as how easily it is to adjust the DPI resolution levels on the fly while you are in a game. A 10 would mean you can easily change your DPI settings in the game and have full control over changing the buttons using the software. The Microsoft Intelimouse received a 1 score in this benchmark due to the fact that there is no ability to customize the mouse outside of the standard customizations Windows allows (double-click speed, pointer speed, wheel speed, etc.).


The Cooler Master Inferno got a 9 in the speed test because it was able to move across the screen pretty quickly, it came in at 4000 DPI, which is quite impressive even thought there are quicker mice out there, there is not that much need for extremely high DPI settings. The comfort test is where the Inferno shinned, this mouse was able to fit into my hand perfectly and just felt right. The rubber on the sides and top of the mouse allowed for enough grip to make me feel safe holding onto the mouse and that it is not going to slip out of my hand when it starts to sweat during an intense match. The button placements on the mouse were also just perfect for my hand and the way that I hold the mouse. The only thing that I have to say about the button placement is that I would have liked to see the rapid fire buttons a little closer to the center to be able to click them easier without having to move my fingers too far, but honestly, I don't know how much I will be using the rapid fire buttons.

When it came down to the precision test, the Inferno was able to score a solid 9, because the mouse felt comfortable in my hand and I was able to press the buttons quickly and without moving my fingers very far, I was able to respond to the game much quicker which gives me a much better advantage that I did not have with another mouse. When it comes down to the customization of the mouse, I had to only give it a 9/10. Using the software, you were able to customize every single button on the mouse as well as giving you the options to have multiple profiles stored on the mouse for quick switching and not needing the software installed on the machine you are going to be using the mouse on.


When it comes down to it, the Cooler Master says they built the Inferno specifically for MMORPG and FPS gamers specific needs and that it was. Not only is the mouse very customizable when it comes to the buttons, it just feels right in your hand. It was able to provide me with a nice ergonomic design that supported my hand while I was holding on to the mouse in a very natural and relaxed position. The button placement on the mouse is just about perfect. Every single button is in perfect reach for you to easily press when needed, the only two buttons that I had a little bit harder time to get to were the two Rapid Fire Tactical keys. Like I said earlier, they were just a little too far out of reach for my fingers to reach quickly. However I'm sure that once I get more used to the mouse, it will feel natural and will prove to be an easy task to click those buttons. 

The weight of the mouse is another aspect that I am very picky about with my mice for gaming and the Inferno is once again just about perfect. The mouse is not so heavy that it is going to make your wrist begin to hurt after a long game, but it isn't too light that there is no resistance when you are moving it around your mouse pad. Most of the mouse has a rubber coating on it which gives your hand a nice surface to grip on and will give you the peace of mind that it shouldn't slip out of your hand while you are in the middle of a long gaming session. 

The Inferno drivers software is very easy to use once you step back and take a glance at it. When you first open up the application, there are a ton of options on the first screen that comes up, which can be a little overwhelming. There is a macro and script editor included with the Inferno application, which allows you to write a sequence of mouse clicks and keyboard strokes into a command that you can then program to any key on the mouse that you wish. This is going to be very helpful for some games where you are repeating a bunch of key strokes.

The Inferno is capable of reaching 4000 DPI, which is always nice to have a high DPI setting when you have a larger screen resolution so you can quickly move your mouse from Point A to Point B. Overall, the Cooler Master Inferno is most certainly going to be the new mouse that I use on my personal gaming setup from now on. I would suggest this mouse to anyone who is looking for a new gaming mouse and could benefit from the features that the Inferno offers.