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Cooler Master HAF 922 Review

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Closer Look:

When you take off the side panel you will see that you have quite a lot of room to work with. Cooler Master also provided a cheat sheet of sorts to help you install your motherboard stand-off screws in the correct order. As you can see from the picture, the case comes with three fans. One 230mm fan by the hidden 3.5" removable drive bays, another 230mm fan at the top of the case and lastly a single 120mm fan near the I/O slot. Moving to the front of the case, you can remove the front panel by unscrewing three screws on each side of the panel.













The front panel of the case comes with 5.25" exposed drive bays and each one houses a filter for easy cleaning later on in time. Simply pushing two pins will release the disposable bay covers.



One great feature about the Cooler Master HAF 922 is the tool-less design. Installation of a DVD/CD drive was a piece of cake; just slide, arrange, and push the Cooler Master logo. Installing the hard drive was also a breeze. unhook the hinge, slide in your hard drive, fasten back into place and you're set.



Cooler Master went ahead with a different approach with the expansion slots, rather than having a tool free system they used the average screw into place method.


The included cables are the standard ones found in most cases such as the system header connectors, USB connector, audio, reset switch, power switch, HDD LED and Power LED. I also noticed that flipping two small levers grants me access to the wires connectivity PCB.



Unlike the HAF 932 where you had the choice of installing the power supply at the top and at the bottom of the case, the HAF 922 only allows installation of the power supply at the bottom of the case. The power supply itself is supported naturally via four screws as well as two rubber strips that stretch across the units rails. It's also worthy to point out that Cooler Master decided to include even more ventilation at the bottom of the case.


Cooler Master provides us with a total of three fans. Two are 230mm fans rated at 12V and one is a 120mm fan.  



The HAF 922 is also liquid cooling ready and has two loop holes at the top of the case able to accommodate water tubing.


While cable management isn't at its finest, it does a good job at showing just how much room there is in the case.


Now that we have seen this beauty in and out, let's move on to testing!


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