Cooler Master Comforter Mini Review

Wesstron - 2013-07-11 17:23:38 in Gadgets
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Reviewed on: July 30, 2013
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Cooler Master Comforter Mini Introduction:

Cooler Master is a well-established name in the computer parts and peripherals world. Since its creation in 1992, it has always been a source of innovation, and kept an updated lineup of products. The mobile accessories offered by Cooler Master are the perfect example that the company is keeping on top of the new trends. And it's for a good reason! Mobile devices are everywhere in this day and age. We use them while on the go mostly to keep us entertained, productive, and also socially connected. So what about home usage you might ask. More and more users consider that browsing the Web, checking emails, and media playback doesn't justify firing up a full blown desktop or even a laptop. It's the era where tablets and smartphones made a swift transition from the couches in Starbucks coffee shops to the couches of our homes!

Today I will present you the Cooler Master Comforter Mini. This reversible lapdesk for laptops and tablets is a light, multi-usage platform that Cooler Master claims to be "Cool and Comfy at the DESK, SOFA, and BED". Will this pad be the new standard for comfort? Let's check it out!

Cooler Master Comforter Mini Closer Look:

The packaging, while being minimalistic and very simple in design, still lives to the Cooler Master standards: elegant color theme, nice layout, and great product pictures. The unit comes wrapped in a thin plastic film and slipped through a thick paper sleeve containing all the copy and pictures. The front displays the company's logo, the product name, three pictures, and note about how the Cooler Master Comforter Mini supports up to 15.6" devices. The back has the same text on top, two more pictures, and more details about the unit towards the bottom.














Unwrapping the Cooler Master Comforter Mini didn't take long. It was nice to see that I didn't have to worry about recycling a whole lot of paper products just to get to it. This unit is all about simplicity it seems, yet it feels very well thought out. Weighting 534 grams and measuring 399 x 267 x 50mm (15.7 x 10.51 x 1.97 inch), the unit feels sturdy while being very easy to handle. The soft-side is covered in some sort of dense black foam underneath the fabric. The hard-side is made of finely textured plastic with anti-slip rubber pieces positioned strategically to keep a laptop or tablet in position. One of the long sides is C shaped, which creates a bump on the soft side and a groove on the hard side. The cavity can be used to store small gadgets or limit cable clutter.




Next are a few shots of what the test units used for the purpose of this review looked like when paired with the Cooler Master Comforter Mini.




All this looks great so far. Let's see if the actual usage will prove the claims of comfort.

Cooler Master Comforter Mini Specifications:

534g (18.83oz)
399 x 267 x 50mm (15.7 x 10.51 x 1.97 inch)
9” ~ 15.6” Laptops, Tablets


Cooler Master Comforter Mini Features:


All information courtesy of Cooler Master @

Cooler Master Comforter Mini Testing:

Testing the Cooler Master Comforter Mini was done by using it as a platform for two portable systems: the AVATAR Mercury Ultrabook AVIU-145A2 that I reviewed a while back and the Samsung Galaxy Note II phablet. I used the test units to perform daily computing tasks including browsing, emails, gaming, and media playback. The specifications of the test systems are as follows:

AVATAR Mercury Ultrabook AVIU-145A2:

Samsung Galaxy Note II:

Cooler Master Comforter Mini Conclusion:

The Cooler Master Comforter Mini - being a reversible lapdesk platform - does in fact provide a great deal of flexibility and comfort. With the laptop setup on the hard side, it offered a stable work surface while being gentle on the legs thanks to the cushion effect of the dense foam. The anti-slip props prevented any unwanted movements even at some crazy angles. Try and reach for a (insert favorite drink here) while lying on the couch and the table being just a few inches out of range... well I did and the laptop held its place despite that. The groove located at the back proved useful to keep cables, adapters, and USB keys out of the way when working somewhere other than my regular desk.

The soft side experience wasn't as smooth as I was expecting. In fact, it's so smooth that it will not provide any grip to the already very smooth surfaces on the back of most tablets and cellphones. Using the soft side of the Cooler Master Comforter Mini in a way that the bump provides a nice viewing angle will pretty much limit the actual tilt of the platform to close to zero degrees. Any slight angle will cause the tablet or phone to slide. Flipping the platform around to use the ridge as a wrist rest while preventing my phone from sliding provided more flexibility.

The Cooler Master Comforter Mini is a very simple, yet nicely made accessory. It performed as it claimed and provided usage flexibility and great comfort, especially when using a laptop. It's one of those gadgets that you will simply reach out for when settling in the couch for some e-book reading or when you feel that today the office will be your bed!