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Coolermaster Centurion 534 Computer Case Review


Closer Look
Taking a look at the underside of the case, it contains 4 white plastic feet. I did notice that they don't prevent sliding very well. This could be good if you place this case on something like carpet, making it a lot easier to slide around, but if it is placed on a smoother surface, this could be a bit of a problem. Looking at the front bezel again, the Cooler Master Centurion logo and name is engraved in the single 3.5" bay cover. The aluminum bezel is surrounded to the left and right by black mesh, its purpose is to increase airflow and supply fresh air for the 120mm intake fan. Another important reason for its placement is aesthetics. It makes the whole front look a lot more interesting.

Once finished with examining the outside, I was eager to take a look at the inside. The side panels were secured with thumbscrews, and after these were removed, the panels simply slid out. Inside I found the manual and accessories which were packed in a plain brown box. Cooler Master included all the required screws, brass stand-offs and plastic rails to mount the hard drives. The instructions were well written and included detailed images to make life easier. The left side panel had a duct built in to increase airflow to the CPU heatsink and fan. This is a nice touch; fresh air is always good when dealing with today's high end components that can get very hot. In the front, a 120mm blue LED intake fan is included. The fan itself is fairly quiet, and moves a decent amount of air, not to mention it adds to the overall looks of the enclosure when powered on.

Removing the other side panel, the back of the motherboard tray is visible. There is space behind the motherboard tray, although barley enough to hide wires in. This area of the chassis is accessible by removing the right side panel. The sideways hard drive cage makes it possible to hide a lot of cables that would otherwise get in the way. In the end it all comes down to personal preference between sideways mounted and straight hard drive cages.

I also removed the entire front bezel to see how the front was laid out. Behind it are switches and front ports, still attached to the chasis, and tiny square openings which allow fresh air inside the case towards the bottom of the bezel. There are square openings where the fan would go to allow fresh air inside the case towards the bottom of the bezel.

The front access panel includes two USB 2.0 ports, one IEEE 1394, and two audio (one input, one output). Cooler Master made a good choice on the plugs that would be placed here, since they fit my needs perfectly. The audio ports come especially handy since it would make it a whole lot easier to switch headphones and such. Just above this, the power and reset switches can be found. They are made of plastic, and painted the same silver color as the rest of the face plate. I like the fact that they are big and easily accessible. In between them, the power LED and HDD activity LED are placed, giving off a blue glow when active.

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