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Cool IT Systems
Cool IT Systems
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    With the ever increasing speeds and voltages that today’s memory modules are achieving and their ability to overclock, even with stock heatsinks, it is becoming very hard to keep their temperatures low enough to run stable if you choose to overclock your system. It seems that the days of passive cooling are behind us and if we want to be able to utilize the memory to its full potential, we will need an active cooling solution in order to keep the module temperatures down. One solution is a RAM cooler, which is usually an all-in one unit that clips over the modules then cools them with the a high RPM/ CFM fan that is attached to the cooler. Cool IT Systems manufactures such a unit and they have named it the RAM Fan.

Cool IT systems are a Canadian corporation based in Calgary, Alberta Canada and have been providing affordable comprehensive cooling solutions for end-users for many years.

Closer Look:

    Although the packaging of the RAM Fan is very simple, it gets its point across by having the main focus of the packaging on the product itself. The back of the box has the RAM Fan’s specifications.


The RAM Fan is composed of Aluminum and it houses a 60mm LED fan, which has a dBA of 31.6 and is capable of blowing 17.74 CFM @ 4600 RPM. The unit is very light-weight and has a dimple on each end for extra stability. I’d be very careful with these - RAM is composed of PCB and could be damaged by them.



The RAM Fan is very simple to install. Find your RAM and slide the cooler over the RAM very gently, until it is seated. Next, plug in the three prong fan attachment onto an empty fan slot on your motherboard, or purchase a 3 to 4 pin connector and plug it into a Molex connection. When you turn on your system, the RAM Fan will light up with a blue LED.


RAM Fan:

Simple to Install:

Cools the RAM:

Cools Motherboard Components:

Size: 60x60x10 mm
Airflow: 17.74 CFM
Speed: 4200 RPM
dBA: 31.6
Power: 12V/2W



    For testing, I used an IR Thermometer that I purchased at Radio Shack. For the accuracy of the temperatures obtained, I hope they are fairly correct. Motherboards don't normally come with DIMM probes to monitor the RAM temperatures. All temperature readings will be recorded in Celsius. The temperatures will be conducted at idle and load. To achieve load, I ran PCMARK 05. I will also be using the Kestrel 4100 Pocket Air Flow Tracker to measure the CFM output of the fan as well as the wind velocity (FPM).

Testing Setup:


    Ta-da - it works! I’ve never really had a need for active RAM cooling before, but since I had the opportunity to try something that I might not have purchased myself, I wondered why active RAM cooling had never been a factor for me before. I have always looked for solutions to cool my CPU, but RAM was just an after-thought. I cannot help but believe, that if I had used active cooling on my RAM in the past, that I may have broken some overclocking walls that I encountered. A twelve degree drop in temperature is quite a lot. As for air flow, the fan averaged 19 CFM, which is better than what the fan is specified for. Since it is rated at 4600 RPM, the wind velocity at 384 FPM is more than enough to keep cool air running across the DIMMs. The only two problems I could really find with the RAM Fan, were that it was quite noisy (it reminds me of the South Bridge fans on some of the 939 boards I’ve used), and the inability to actually control the fan speed. Do yourself a favour and cool your RAM -  you won’t regret it.