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Computex 2008

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The next booth I visited was the massive Intel booth. This booth was so large that I spent half an hour walking around before I got back to where I started. It was quite an impressive booth, taking center stage at Computex, both figuratively and literally, as it was right in the middle of the floor when looking at a map of the convention hall.

First up was the motherboard wall. Having a wall showcasing a large number of motherboards was a common feature at the booths of all major manufacturers, as you saw on the last page at the ECS booth, and which you will continue to see in the upcoming pages.

Intel had a working Nehalem rig running Assassin's Creed with an Xbox 360 controller hooked up.

Before we continue on, I wanted to point out something odd and unique I saw in the middle of the Intel booth.

Moving onward, we find the Intel Atom processor. This was a major cornerstone of Computex 2008, with practically every manufacturer, large and small, clamoring to showcase its Atom solutions. Everywhere I went, I saw laptops or desktops featuring the new Atom processor. It got to the point where I would be surprised if I didn't see an Atom based system at a booth.

Intel had several machines from various manufacturers on display to showcase its Atom processor. There was the much anticipated MSI Wind, along with the recently announced EeeBox.

Next to the desktop machines, Intel had set up laptops featuring the Atom processor.

To give a estimate of the size of these laptops, here is a picture with my iPhone next to the MSI Wind for comparison.

As I moved on, I ran into the UMPC section, now featuring the Centrino Atom chipset.

Again, my iPhone laid on top for comparison.

Finally, we get to the most important section for us here at OCC, the new X48 high performance board.

Unfortunately, I was not allowed to further "examine" the board, despite offering my business card as proof of my credentials.

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