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Comdex 2003 Second Day Coverage


We finally found wound up back at the nVidia booth at the Four Seasons Hotel. They had a room setup with many plasma TVs, flat screen displays, laptops, and booths showcasing their products. As we walked in the room, an array of plasmas caught our eyes that had a very cool car demo playing.

nVidia had over 15 laptops setup running different nVidia chip sets and they all were playing different demo's, games, and movies. Like anyone, the first laptop that caught my eye was one that had a 3D LCD screen. Yes, you heard right, a 3D LCD screen. A camera can not capture the 3D effect, but if you have ever used any of the eDimensional 3D Glasses, then you know what it's like. However, unlike the E-3D Glasses, you don't have to wear any type of glasses to see the effect. Sharp makes the Actius RD3D notebook that was used at the event.


The next thing nVidia had setup was the wall of motherboards, displaying 16 different nForce 3 motherboards.


Next to that was the fun stuff. nVidia powered systems with Call of Duty and Unreal Tournament 2004, which I (d3bruts1d) got to play with for a little while. This was my first time playing Call of Duty, and I think I've found a new love. UT2K4 was also extreamly enjoyable to play. It had a lot of 2003 in it, but had the faster passed feel that made the original game so much fun.



nVidia also announced that Unreal Tournament 2004 would be bundled with the GFFX 5950. This of course is a way to compete with ATi's deal to bundle HL2.

Once again, nVidia also had a setup displaying the Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition, which we were given a brief demo of.

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