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Comdex 2003 First Day Coverage


In addition to the skimpy dressed pixies, nVidia had some other things available to show the new FX 5700 Go, the first was the "Staying Alive" Vulcan (Deamon, Devil, Balron, fire dude, or whatever you want to call it).

Then we got to see the latest in Unreal Tournament... UT2004. Rather than talking about the new stuff in UT2K4, it's easier to just show you.

Also demoed for us was the upcoming expansion for Medal of Honor, Pacific Assault, which includes a brand new game engine.

The breakfast was rather depressing, but the presentation was good and hopefully, the rest of COMDEX would be even better. That was wishful thinking on our part. Despite being pre-registered for the event for quite sometime, the new management for the COMDEX event decided to complicate things for us by a brilliant display of unorganized and stupidity. After standing in the line to receive our passes for the event, the passes that we pre-registered for and that was priorly approved by COMDEX staff, was denied. Yeah, our approved passes for the event were denied. Thankfully, we found a COMDEX staff member who knew what he was doing and got us our passes quicker than the last person took to tell us that we were denied. Anyway, enough of the ranting on the staff, time to move back on to the actual event.

This years COMDEX is the smallest in the last several years, dropping from what use to be 100,000+ attendees to an estimated 40-50,000 attendees. The main reason? MediaLive. We'd could go on & on about that, but then that'd lead us back to ranting about the COMDEX staff...

The whole of COMDEX took up 1 hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center, a dramatic decrease in size from the previous years. Microsoft was out in full force, occupying about 15% of the exibit area, another 10-15% was taken up by the registration and media sections.

Our good friends at Zalman had two booths. The larger booth displayed the Zalman thermal products. The main items on display were the new "Heatpipe cases". These cases look very impressive, and should provide a great solution for those of you out there wanting something to keep your system cool and quiet. The heatpipe cases provide cooling for the CPU, GPU, and HDD directly into the case, and the case itself is one big heatsink.

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