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CoolerMaster Real Power Pro 750 watt Power Supply




You can see from the tests that this power supply was consistently stable - a much desired attribute in a power supply. The voltages didn't fluctuate much, no matter what I did to try to stump this power supply. I like the physical size of the power supply because it’s only six inches long, and this thing sure has more power than I could ever ask for. My old power supply was so big that in my old case, I had to remove my chimney fan that blew the air upwards, which made my temperatures rise significantly. But with this power supply, that's not a worry for me. As far as cable length goes, I felt that they were a good length. I have them rigged to stretch almost all the way on the other side of my full-tower case and still have some slack. The black mesh netting over the cables looks very slick and keeps everything organized. A three year warranty on a product is always a good thing for the consumer because it ensures the user that if something does go wrong, they're covered. The bottom line is that this power supply performs as advertised and doesn’t fluctuate much at all, all while not taking up much space in your case.


  • Size
  • 750watt
  • Performance
  • Cable Length
  • 3 Year Warranty



  • Could be modular
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