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CoolerMaster CoolDrive 3 Review


Closer Look

The CoolDrive 3 arrived packaged in its own black and blue box.

A cardboard box, and a thin plastic bag was all CoolerMaster used to package this. Good thing UPS around here doesn't break every package they ship, otherwise the CoolDrive3 could have ended up in pretty bad shape.

Included inside the plastic bag was the CoolDrive3, a piece of paper that contained the instructions, and another bag containing several screws.

The CoolDrive 3 actually put together very solid, in most areas the case measures appx 3mm.

As you can see the front and top of the CoolDrive 3 displays a "CoolDrive 3" logo. Of course, this is an internal unit, so once it goes inside your case, no one will probably ever see the logo on the top of the drive... that is, unless you have a top window. :-)

As with any type of device designed for a drive bay, the CoolDrive 3 offers several screw holes for secure mounting.

The bottom of the CoolDrive 3 isn't anything fancy, four screw holes to mount the HDD to the CoolDrive 3, and another four screw holes to fasten the CoolDrive 3 together.

The inside of the CoolDrive 3 features a 40mm fan as well as a pad to help reduce vibration and noise.

The 40mm fan uses the latest "Rifle Bearing" technology.

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