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Cooler Master Aero 7+ Plus Heatsink Review



As I mentioned before, we'd see the CoolerMaster up against the Swiftech MCX-462. Here is what the two heat sinks look like side by side. The Aero 7+ base is on the right, with the MCX-462 on the left.

MCX-462 & Aero 7+

The base and mounting style of the heat sinks are both very different. The Aero 7+ of course uses the clip on, where the MCX-462 mounts through the motherboard. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, but mainly comes down to personal preference on which you like better. Here is what the base of the heat sinks look like using two different lighting settings to give you an idea of the difference. Again, the Aero 7+ base is on the right.

MCX-462 & Aero 7+

Here you can see three fans that I used for testing, on the left is a generic 80mm Antec fan, in the center is the Blower, and on the right is an 80mm Vantec Tornado.

The Fans

Now, the real fun comes into testing... in addition to using the Blower with the Aero 7+, and the Tornado with the MCX-462, I decided to swap the fans around while testing to see how big of a difference there was. I also used the Antec fan on the blower to give you an idea of what kind of results a "normal" fan would give.

Here you can see the heat sinks the way they are suppose to be.

And here you can see what they look like with the fan's swapped around.

And with that done, it was time to jump into the testing.

  1. Introduction & Specifications
  2. Features & Closer Look
  3. Closer Look Continued
  4. Comparison
  5. Testing & Conclusion
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