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CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse Review

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Installing the mouse is quite easy to do. Like any other software it's as simple as inserting the CD and waiting for the auto-run to pop up. Of course you could also get there by going to 'My Computer' and clicking the drive. Once up and running the main program on the CD gives you only 3 options. You can choose to install the driver and software on the first option or even use the software directly off the CD with the second option. The third option gets you out of there.


















Installation as I said, is easy. If you did wish to install the software it pops up with a very familiar install shield dialog. It really asks you very little about install options just pick a folder and next, next, finish. Once done you'll find it creates a start menu entry which gives you the software for configuration, access to the manual which is in PDF and if you need it, an uninstall option.




Whether you installed the software or decided to run it off the CD you won't be disappointed with the software. When you start it up, the loading screen comes up and passes in a matter of seconds. My first reaction to the software was literally "Whoa". There is so much you can customize just on the first tab alone. On the first tab you can adjust many specific things. You can change assignments for each individual button. What is really cool is you can adjust the DPI level that is selected on each button press. You can also adjust motion sensitivity, double click speed, and button response time. Lastly you can adjust the USB report rate which adjusts between 100-1000Hz. Default is 1000Hz which is recommended by the manual if you plan to use 5600DPI. On the next screen you can adjust what color you want for the top LED and front LED's. Additionally you can choose a mode for the LEDs to perform. You can have them just be on solidly, breathe so they dim on and off, trigger (on mouse click) which makes the front LED's flash to a white color when you click, or you can disable the feature. Here also you can choose a logo for the OLED screen. The format is pretty specific, however the image must be 32 x 32 pixels, and black and white. It is also specified that there is no tolerance for grayscale and if you want to display the image vertically you will have to rotate it 90 degrees counter clockwise. On the next screen you can set up macros. On the next screen you can make complex scripts which can allow you to perform custom commands. On the next screen you can select between your different scripts in your library of them. On the last page you are told about support offered and updates. Yes - CoolerMaster will release firmware updates to improve performance. 






Wow! So far, this mouse is quite awesome. It has a great software interface and is very customizable, but how does it perform? Let's find out.

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