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CoolerMaster Storm Sentinel Advance Gaming Mouse Review

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Closer Look:

Well this mouse does deliver. Not only does it feature a whopping 5600 DPI, but it also features what I must say is something that at least I haven't seen in any other mouse. What I'm talking about is the on-board memory, but the OLED screen would be yet another feature I can't say I've seen before. More on the on-board memory in the next section. So what are we looking at here exactly? Well let's take a look at the pictures. The first thing you might be wondering is where the manual is at. Don't worry - you do have one - it's on the included CD. Other than the obvious fact that there is a mouse inside the box it also comes with CoolerMaster's rendition of a security lock. They way they do it is by having you run the wire through the included PCI bracket and then of course installing it in the case. Obviously once that's in you can unplug the mouse, but it would be impossible to take it without opening the case. Of course this does depend on you having a free PCI slot but who doesn't have at least one free slot these days? The CD-ROM itself includes the software install as well as the manual and the ability to run the software off the CD without installing it.
















Of course I can't get away without talking about the mouse. Plenty to say about the different buttons too, so I'll go over what they do. Of course to see what I'm talking about you might want to click those image buttons or you might not see the buttons I'm speaking of. Now without further ado, the button above the scroll wheel switches between profiles on the mouse. What are profiles you ask? I'll go over this in detail in the next section. As for the scroll wheel itself it also is a button like on most, if not all mice. Below the wheel are two other buttons which cycle between levels of DPI on the fly. Below those buttons is the OLED screen which you can see all lit up further down the page. There is also the LED area surrounding the OLED screen which is capable of changing between 7 different colors, well CoolerMaster says 8, but the one is really just off not a color. Moving on to the bottom is the dual optical tracking laser that is the main feature of thise mouse. There is also the compartment for the weights which I'll go over in detail below.




The weights don't come out in a cartridge like my Logitech G5 but just pop out with the use of your fingers. Each weight is equal to 4.5 grams which add for a grand total of 22.5 grams. Of course you can add or subtract as you like to achieve your desired weight.




I couldn't get away witout this little tidbit about the gold USB connector. Yes the mouse has a 24k gold USB connector. Now as you might know, in any electrical connection gold makes the best possible connection, but I can't think that the outer portion of this connector serves for anything more than look. So now you can buy a mouse and brag to your friends that it's got a gold USB connector.




Before we move on with the rest of the review why not show you what the mouse looks like when it's "fired up"? As you can see I chose the blue LED for my color. There are however, many other colors available such as red, green, yellow, purple, aqua (I think), and white. Also in the front are a set of LEDS which illuminate the area in front of your mouse. Of course there is also the OLED screen which displays your current DPI setting. It also has the ability to display a logo of your choice on the OLED screen.







So what is left to talk about? Plenty more in the next section.

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