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CM Storm Recon Mouse, Pad, and Bungee Roundup Review

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Overall I really enjoyed this CM Storm Recon Mouse roundup with the Speed-RXL and Skorpion additions. The Recon mouse was pretty neat in the sense that there were so many customizable options between coloring and actual functioning specifications. The ambidextrous idea was neat at first until I realized I'm just paying for two extra buttons (and switches) that I'll never make use of. The buttons themselves are too easy to press when not wanted and just get in the way. The symmetrical body shape of the mouse doesn't bother me too much even though I lose the added support for my last two digits, however, I see no need for the loss. I like that Cooler Master is going for a mouse for everyone to use, but in reality I'm the only one I want using my mouse. You can keep your grimy Cheetos hands off my mouse and play with your own mouse. Personally I want a mouse for me – I'm not sharing, so this added "feature" of two handed-ness isn't a pro to me.

The Speed-RXL is a pad I already reviewed prior and liked enough to keep using. It's really nothing too horrifically special other than a great price for a pad this size. The WarPad is a monstrous pad with a monstrous price – this is a bit more affordable and with proof has lasted quite a while already. If you have the desk space for it put it on that holiday list and get one!

The Skorpion bungee was a gimmick product I always snickered at with just a "dumb" idea conning those for money. Having used one now for a couple weeks I like the concept; the Skorpio is a really neat product and it will hold your mouse cable again and again. However, when you look at the price tag, $20 doesn't sound like a lot, but when you realize a rock from your backyard can perform the same task you think twice. It's a neat idea and if you have money to burn, it's worth the burning – but otherwise I'd just stick with a pet rock to hold your cable in place.

In the end, all three of these products had their own pros and cons. Together they serve up to a solid BluePanda Silver. The Recon fell with the annoying buttons, the Skorpion with the associated cost. In the end they all balance out – silvers all around.



  • Recon overall body shape is nice even with such symmetry.
  • Recon individual lighting options for each of the three lights (wheel, arrows, palm logo).
  • Skorpion really held the cable mess out of the way and looked mean on my desk.
  • The Speed-RXL as previously liked was massive in size and provided plenty of game room.



  • Recon's right side buttons were ALWAYS in the way – had to turn off functions completely.
  • The Skorpion bungee comes in at a high cost; a rock will suffice for free.


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