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CM Storm Recon Mouse, Pad, and Bungee Roundup Review

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Cooler Master's CM Storm Recon was defiantly put through over a week of use and testing. During this time it was used it in everyday use, surfing the internet, photoshopping and of course some gaming. As a mouse is personal to each and every individual so how it responds in these various tasks is important in different ways to everyone. This rather subjective review is best to provide you the feedback from use rather than assigning made up numbers trying to compare one mouse to another. It's pretty easy to distinguish the likes and dislikes of a mouse through words rather than leaving it to you to decide what a 7 or 8 really means. No guessing game – here's what I liked, and here's what I hated.

Testing Setup:



Everyday Use:

Everyday use of a keyboard is pretty easy to explain – you think of email writing, Internet searches and such, but you often don't think about how you use your mouse for all these things as well. Scrolling through pages and clicking on links comes down to the control you have over a mouse. The Recon has a nice strong click to the scroll giving you a real feel for when the page is going to move. The wheel is rather light weight and doesn't have the substantial feel, but the click feel makes up for this quite a bit. The controls you have in the Recon control panel really allow you to narrow down the DPI and sensitivity to allow you to effectively move about the pages and get your pointer exactly where you want it to be. Overall in everyday use it's just like any average "good" mouse – well so I thought.

My major complaint with this mouse is the ambidextrous feature. By default both the left and right buttons are set for forward and back in Internet Explorer. So when you happen to bump the buttons that are usually non-existent on a standard mouse you will flip between pages without the intention to. It's surprisingly easy to hit the buttons and with actual feedback every time you do – you will soon be focusing on not hitting them than anything else. This downfall really applies to all three categories here: everyday use, gaming, and working. I've turned the buttons off completely – but why even have them if they are just accidents waiting to happen?



Gaming with the Recon was pretty nice. Being able to drop DPI down on-the-fly playing as a sniper role is kind of interesting. I can't say I'd normally play that way, but with games having quite different settings for sensitivity compared to that of the OS, it's nice to be able to cycle through a few profiles and find one that works best. It saves me time as I can stay in game and kill off more enemies. Gaming wise I generally don't use macros – but like I mentioned before, the ease of setting them up and using them is quite awesome (as long as I can live with either bumping them all the time or losing a main function button).



Working with this mouse I didn't notice a huge improvement over my usual K60 mouse from Corsair. Photoshopping precision wasn't really improved and in reality switching between laptop touchpads and mice when working have taught me to adjust to what I've got to get the job done makes the working category a bit more difficult to talk about. I would say you will successfully navigate three monitors with confidence in your work and be able to get whatever it is you need done with little efforts on your mouse hand. Overall it's a well working mouse.



Overall the mouse is pretty awesome; however, I cannot seem to get over the extra buttons that are just in my way. Yes I can turn them off, but I'm right handed. I don't want anyone using my mouse besides me, so having the opportunity to switch is just silly to me. The buttons easily click so my only option is to lose the extra two and run with the standard seven button setup. Programming the mouse was ultimately my favorite – but can't find a real use for it with the limited button count (down from removal of the easily bumped).

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