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Cooler Master Mystique 632 Case


Closer Look:

There is a channel beside the 5.25in drive bays, that is a perfect pathway to hide the top panel wiring.





The Mystique come with the usual assortment of screws, stand-offs and wire ties.


One of the things I appreciate in a case is no sharp metal edges. With this case I couldn’t find any. If the edges were not rolled over, they were at least ground smooth. This is just one of the things that I think about when installing hardware into a chassis. Now let’s get the parts in the case.



Because this is a Mid-Tower case, I wanted to choose larger components to see if the increased size of some of today’s performance parts fit well in the confines of a mid-sized case.

Installed Hardware:

  • DFI ICFX 3200 socket 775 motherboard
  • Intel E6600 cpu
  • 2x 120gb Seagate hard drives
  • BFG 7900gt OC
  • OCZ Powerstream 520 SLI
  • Cpu Cooling Thermaltake BigTyphoon
  • CPU Fan Silverstone FM121 110cfm

Installing the parts in the chassis is a fairly simple process. I start with removing the pre-installed I/O panel and installing the one for the motherboard I am installing. Next up is installing the motherboard stand-offs to prevent you from shorting out that new motherboard.


The largest power supply I had in physical size, was my 520 watt Powerstream. It fits without any of the 'persuasion' that is sometimes needed in a mid sized case.

  1. Introduction & Closer look
  2. Closer Look - continued
  3. Closer Look - continued
  4. Closer Look - continued , Installation
  5. Installation -continued
  6. Specifications- Testing
  7. Conclusion
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