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Coolermaster Musketeer 2 (LLC-U03) Review



Testing the Musketeer2 was pretty straight forward. Upon boot up you're greeted with an array of flashing colors. Check the link to the video below to see the lights in action. Checking the gauges everything looks good the HDD gauge jumped around until windows fully loaded. After getting into windows I fired up some music to check the VU meters, but I was met with only sound on the right channel while the left VU meter was showing sound on the analog gauge. After messing with the font volume meter the left channel kicked on it seemed as I had a short in the left channel volume slider. At any time I tried to lower the left channels volume I would completely lose all sound on that channel. No biggy I just set the volume all the way up and had full stereo sound. The volume slider worked ok I guess using my headphones; I either had full blast or barely no audio at all.

Download: Video 1 (462KB)
Note: You will need the Xvid Codec installed on your PC to watch the video. If you do not have the codec you can download it here or on this page.


Well I must say I wasn't too thrilled about the musketeer2 when I first opened the box, but after getting it up and running I was very impressed. The Led lights are very bright and you have the ability to choose 7 colors which are Red, Blue, Green, Purple, Yellow, Pink, white, and a light Blue color or you can set the Musketeer2 to flash between all the colors. One thing I didn't like is when booting the machine the color defaults to red, this wouldn't be a problem if I was able to install the 3' bay LED button, but with the LED switch located in the back of the case in a PCI bracket makes changing the colors a pain if you cant easily reach the back of the case. The Musketeer2 worked flawlessly other than the short in my left channel slider. I have to give it to Cooler Master the Musketeer2 is by far the sleekest looking multi function panel I've ever had the joy of testing, and the analog gauges gives the Musketeer2 a classic look. Is the Musketeer2 a needed item? I would say no it is more form than function, but it sure did add some flare to my Antec Lan Boy case. Also the Musketeer2 also comes in black if silver doesn't go with your current case.


  • Stylish
  • Detailed instructions
  • Multi color LED lights
  • Well packaged
  • Will bring attention to your case
  • Available in Silver or Black



  • Price
  • Form over function
  • Somewhat messy wires

  1. Introduction, Specfications & Closer Look
  2. Installation
  3. Testing & Conclusion
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